In memory of our fathers

On this Father’s Day eve, I am writing to pay tribute to the memory of my biological father who joined the Other World on July 20, 2018, almost 4 years ago now. From the beginning, I would like to introduce my comments by borrowing from Academician Jean d’Ormesson a quote that became famous, taken from his speech at the reception of the Académie Française on June 6, 1974 (year of my birth): “There is something stronger than death: it is the presence of the left in the memory of the living and in transmission, to those who are not yet, in name, in glory, in power and in joy of those who are gone, but who will live forever in the minds and hearts of those who remember. »

On this day of the Appeal of General de Gaulle, known as June 18, 1940, in which my maternal grandfather was deeply involved, who also had his War Memoirs in his library, as a grandson, raised at home, as a surrogate son. (My mother because she was called back by God when I was born), I also want to pay tribute to her memory. He who, one day, called me into the privacy of his room to make me an open declaration, told me that he would in fact leave me something material, but that he would entrust me above all to a spiritual legacy consisting of reciting a simple formula “Lord give me more knowledge and give me good understanding.»

On this very special day for the French Nation, I remember my long hours spent in the exciting company of my adoptive grandfather, on the stairs of my childhood home, or even in his moments sleeping in his back on his old bed of palm wood, on the ground floor of the family home, I thought of what he had shown so much, accompanied by an awful, inexhaustible and great generosity of soul to me.

On this day, I think of these migrants, my great-grandparents who nurtured the “French dream” in their hearts, to reach the lands of France more hospitable in the Indian Ocean than in the Indian motherland where they are close. yet so much of the sacrifice they had to leave everything, to come out of their comfortable place to come and settle in Reunion, part of France in the Indian Ocean, not before going through Mauritius or Madagascar at first which reminded me of a different version of the “French dream” of the ancestors of most of my Hindu and Tamil friends.

On this day of June 18, this eve of Father’s Day, I can’t help but think of some of my fathers who have passed away from life to death: Tonton Sadek, Tonton Daoud & more recently Tonton Ismaël dit Papata, these noble and bright beings who cover me with love and who, each, are examples of the Path they own. Faces that come back to me, conversations that bring them back to our immutable memories, scenes of intense emotional warmth, exchanges of joys, stories told on the water, endless funny to finish, which is a lot of part of my legacy according to which “the bond is primarily material well-being”. Making the link with them is to stay in contact with the links in the chain of Unconditional Love that are definitely lost in the fogs of time, but must be maintained, daily, because, in fact, for a Nation strong- on, the The families that comprise it should be families that shine with happiness, and not just wealth that doesn’t know what to do. Our greatness does not reside in what we possess, but in what we are in the face of life, in the face of circumstances, in the face of dangers, in the face of the changes of daily life, in the face of contempt, in the face of denials. , in the face of humility, in the face of trickery, in the face of staying upright and holding fast to be a constant part of society.

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