Gégé and Anne-Marie (Love is in the meadow): very beautiful marriage

The show Love is in the pasture presents annually suitors to farmers and ranchers in search of their soul mates. Even if the ending is not good, usually, the love is with the candidates. This is the case of Gégé and Anne-Marie who met in 2017, during season 12 of the show.

Gégé and Anne-Marie are the emblematic couple in season 12 of the show Love is in the pasture. They officially said yes in August 2021 under the emotional watch of host Karine Le Marchand who did not fail to relay the event in her Instagram story.

The show Love is in the pasture

This program has been broadcast in France since September 2005 on M6. This is a reality show adapted in the UK version The farmer wants the wife. The principle is to introduce farmers to interested singles. At the beginning of the year, we will send the picture to the farmers. Afterwards, the suitors wrote them a letter. From these letters, a farmer selects suitors for a speed date. After that, he invited two people he liked more to his farm.

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Love is in the pasture met with great success in France, since the first time, no less than 15 marriages have been recorded. Currently, the show is in its 17th season with Karine Le Marchand as presenter since season 5. The average audience is 4 million views. The Quebec version is hosted by talented Katherine Levac.

Gege and Anne-Marie

Gégé and Anne-Marie are a couple in season 12 of the show Love is in the pasture. In 2017. Gégé admitted that he really crushed Anne-Marie when he read her letter. “I can never imagine that. After his letter, it was impossible for me to remember the first names of the other lovers.he said.

Gégé has always been a breeder of cattle and sheep. He invites Anne-Marie and the Swiss Iris to his farm. But right from the start, Iris is far away because she doesn’t like mud and she prefers to stay home. Between Gégé and Anne-Marie, love at first sight. The two spend their day flirting with each other and even exchange kisses during a shopping spree. The story was confirmed when he introduced the latter to his neighbors and that from the beginning, he was well integrated.

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The wedding of Gégé and Anne-Marie

In 2021, the couple decided to get married legally to formalize their relationship. Karine Le Marchand was one of the guests and relayed the event on social networks, very proud and touched. Once again, the show went right and allowed the two spirits to meet. The wedding took place on Saturday August 21, 2021. The atmosphere was there with an opening of techno and not a classic waltz. For the occasion, Gégé wore a beautiful navy blue suit while Anne-Marie shone in her white dress embroidered with red flowers. Gégé, honest in his sensitivity, was touched and couldn’t help but shed a few tears. To which Anne-Marie, though kind, replied: “Don’t worry, I have tissue”.

Gégé and Anne-Marie are still together

Even if the couple doesn’t share their news on social networks, Gégé and Anne-Marie are still together. Ever since the first broadcast, the public has felt the fruitful love of the two stars. As the episodes progressed, we saw that they were made for each other. Since 2017, the couple has not left, they are still in force in 2018. Anne-Marie also takes care of the farm “We made a small chicken coop at first. So Gégé put a place for me to hatch my eggs. I work part time. I really wanted to work on the farm, and then I looked at their work, “ he said.

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