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At 39, Brigitte Trogneux was teaching literature and theater and crossing the streets with Emmanuel Macron, her first -grade student.

There are love stories that start with lightning fast, uncontrollable, incomprehensible, above all social morality. This is the story of couple Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron who, despite a 20 -year age difference, believed in their love. Ignore rumors and ridicule instead of ruining it and risk regretting the rest of their lives.

Brigitte Trogneux and Emmanuel Macron, a controversial couple

When they met in 1992, it was love and first sight for Emmanuel. For her part, it was a deep attraction for Brigitte Macron, but difficult to achieve because of her marriage and her children. But also because of the age difference and the fact that Emmanuel is his student. In 1993, Emmanuel left this institute to take his baccalaureate and study in Paris, while Brigitte left to teach at another institute in Amiens. Goal: stay away to silence rumors of their alleged relationship.

In 2006, Brigitte Trogneux divorced her ex -husband. Emmanuel Macron then asks about marriage the woman who has shaped his life since he was a child, and Brigitte accepts. Their union was formalized through a marriage in 2007.

Since then, her partner has been strong, cooperative and united. The two lovers walk hand in hand with the future. Since Emmanuel entered politics in 2012, Brigitte has supported him despite increasing ridicule, especially with their age difference. But the two remain united.

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