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My brother Bertrand has been a physician in Campbellton, New Brunswick for 40 years. When he goes to Montreal, it’s always an event.

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On a beautiful Saturday in May, we had dinner together in Leméac. With my sister-in-law, Marie-Andrée, my sister, Dominique, and my brother-in-law, Jacques-Bernard. Nice evening. I see my brother forever. A kind man, calm, composed, reasonable, logical, intelligent. Without excess. Likes to talk honestly. Like his brother.

In early June, he returned to Montreal. It’s her birthday. I invited the whole family for brunch. Add to the visitors in May are the four daughters of Bertrand and Marie-Andrée, their friends and the small children of the latter two.


Valérie, Marjolaine, Gabrielle, Geneviève, Marie-Andrée and my brother Bertrand

My brother is still the same, but not much. He has another. He doesn’t pose much. More flown. If she has kids, my brother is excited. He had a surge of joy in his heart. Which gives him a little swing of the shoe. The light comes out of his eyes. He speaks faster, bustles from one to the other, laughs out loud and compliments them with his gaze.

Good thing it couldn’t be better!

You know, the wonder of a new father for his children, my brother is still in those decades ago. When Marjolaine, Valérie, Gabrielle and Geneviève were with Marie-Andrée and she, my sister was complete. Rarely, someone fulfilled; my brother. Life could not be more beautiful than this! Yes, he can! For now there are grandchildren, Edouard, two and a half years old, and Simone, one and a half years old. My older brother and her are crazy. He would spend his days playing with Edouard and Simone. With no fatigue. Because my brother loves the game as much as they like. If not more. I know, he was seven years older than me, and when we played toy cars, I was 8, he was 15, and he took it more seriously than I did.


Marie-Andrée and Bertrand with their grandchildren: Simone and Edouard

My brother has been a good father since he was a child. My brother was a good grandfather because he was always a child.

I said at the beginning that Bertrand’s arrival in the metropolis was an event. A more frequent occurrence, since the arrival of the third generation. And it will grow because, in the fall, grandpa has two more grandchildren in his arms. My brother isn’t done putting out the fire yet!

Yeah, that’s it, my column. Just say that if my sister was with her daughters, she would be happier. And I was touched to see him like this. And that makes me happy too.

In short, that fatherly love can do as much good to the children who receive it as the fathers who give it.

I know, it’s all pink like a picture, but it’s nice to feel pink sometimes; we are in the dark all the time.

We need to be aware of the damage that fathers have done to hurt.

We need to be sensitive to the destinies of fathers in adversity.

But we must also draw inspiration from the experience of happy fathers.

It is important to know that fatherhood is more satisfying than any professional achievement.

My brother has a dream: to be a doctor. When he was done, I was sure it was his greatest pride in life. Now, I will say, without a doubt, that they are his four daughters.

It is very clear for a mother to say that she is, above all, a mother. Also for the father. Men can be better, in depth, by connecting needs.

Happy Father’s Day! Celebrate how lucky you are!

Kids, with yours, you don’t know how much more amazing it can be!

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