Destroy All People! 2: still politically incorrect

Game News Destroy All People! 2: still politically incorrect

Steam Neo Fest launched at the beginning of the week and features several independent games. Among them, there is a name more familiar than the others: Destroy All Men! 2. This remake of Crypto’s adventures is planned for this summer and offers us a disrespectful demo of over an hour. Here’s what we thought.


  • Although less politically correct than GTA?
  • science fiction yesterday
  • Check out our test 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans!

Steam Neo Fest

All Steam Neo Fest demos are available from June 13 to 20 (7 pm). So there’s still time to try out some games that will interest you in creating your own joystick / mouse opinion on hand.

Although less politically correct than GTA?

Crypto is back, and of course it’s going to play a dirty trick on you. Lthe extraterrestrial has not lost any of his folly and indifference. He gave it again the good taste of the eternal transgression that kept his ancestors alive. Nothing worked in this regard. Those who want the fierce spirit of Crypto will therefore be defeated and others will remain on the floor. We would still like to see the comedies diversify a bit. After an hour of playing, they quickly became even more so, concrete in the overall sarcastic tone of the title that didn’t tire us out.

Murag Attack on Mars, this Destruction of All Mankind! 2 – The reprimand is not serious and it is good to hear. As a reminder, Destroy All People! Further conceived as a parody of science fiction in the 1950s. More broadly, we find in it a satire of American society in the sixties, divided between two very caricatural tendencies here: the hippie movement and the cold war.

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

Thus we find hippies more bizarre and seated than ever, accompanied by Russian agents as cliché as possible. The whole thing offers us a scenario with no head or tail and serves more as an excuse than a true story. Nothing can surprise itself: the Destruction of All Humans! Always working that way. So we appreciate this wacky part that can sometimes even make us get some restrained laughter.

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

You can understand, Destroy All People! 2 did not reinvent the formula, but it serves us. By keeping the extraterrestrial DNA very special, the title will undoubtedly attract fans in the first hour and even manage to seduce some of them. But if you’re hermetic in this kind of tone, there’s no miracle in the universe. And that’s not the only point that can upset some people.

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

science fiction yesterday

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

Despite the very well done graphic facelift, Destroy All People! 2, as it follows, is an old game. From what we’ve seen, it remains the same flaws as the 2020 remake. The construction of the chapter is the same to date and the difficulty continues yo-yo without much logic. Despite the advances made in weapons, some are not yet accurate and the fights can easily get confusing. However, at this level, we cannot blame the title for stinginess on the inside.

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

Between weapons, powers and ship levels, the title offers a varied and rich gameplay. Whether it’s covering up Crypto or being a hippie on a trip, browsing Bay City throughout this demo has proven to be very enjoyable. So we quickly forgot about some technical and visual problems and left ourselves to the various missions that were offered to us at the start of the game. It remains to be seen if All Humans will be Destroyed! 2 will retain this beautiful breeze of light over time.

In short, if you like Destroy All Humans !, you will no doubt appreciate this new title. After more than an hour of playing, the conclusion is very clear: the 2 is placed on the right line of 1. There’s no big surprise in the universe, other than the possibilities of destruction, bigger and more ambitious than the previous remake. Other than that, the title relies on its wins, but it’s well done to provide a fun experience for nostalgic fans and the uninitiated.

As a reminder, Destroy All People! 2 – Reprobed is set for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series on August 30th.

Destroy All People!  2: still politically incorrect

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