Stromae lost his father at age 9

Although Stromae is a very popular personality, he is above all a father. he was also “omnipresent” to his son, though his love for him did not come immediately.

Throughout her life, Stromae had never felt what a father’s love was. And for good reason? The actor disappeared at a very young age.

Now that he is the father of a boy, things have changed: the singer is a happy man. And this, even if it took her a little while before she realized she loved her son “unconditionally”.


If thanks to his career, Stromae is now a turned man, his yesterday is far from envy. Especially since he has been deprived of his father’s love since his childhood.

Born in 1959 in Kigali, Stromae’s father was named Pierre Rutare. He is a descendant of one of the oldest dynasties in Rwanda, “the Abatsobe”.

To see some of his photos, Pierre is an elegant man. No doubt thanks to his beautiful body, the man was able to win the hearts of Belgian women, but also Miranda Van Haver. As a result of their relationship, Paul Van Haver, also known as Stromae, was also born on March 12, 1985, in Brussels.

However, between the two, it must be said that things were not good, because later they rebuilt their own lives, each on their own. When Paul was 6 years old, Pierre took him to Rwanda.

And this, before he decided to settle as an architect in Kigali. Except that the architect was less present with his son. This is also the reason why the translator of “Papaoutai” has little memory of him.

“He’s not hyperpresent. It’s not a shame, but the reality ”,

he trusted one day.

The saddest thing about this story is that the actor lost his father when he was 9 years old, after he was killed in a genocide in 1994. He even took three years to question his mother: “Is he dead yet?” “Yeah!”.

“I guessed it. So I cried. Maybe I prepared myself, barricaded myself “,

he later explained, adding that:

“However: this father we did not see as a child, we will not be able, later on, to make up for lost time with him. It is mourning.”

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Stromae has now found peace. In December 2015, the singer married the woman of her life, Coralie Barbier, in the presence of 170 people, in Mechelen, Belgium.

What happened that day was also surprising, as the couple wanted a surprise wedding, and decided to bring their guests without giving any explanation. Their relatives immediately met at a barangay hall.

However no statement the two lovers mentioned in the press. After all, they are both kind in nature.

“We’re not really Dallas in our lifestyle. I’m next to Paul (Stromae’s first name, editor’s note), it’s very clear between us, media exposure is not legitimate for me. I’m always afraid of not participating. My place. I’ve learned I can manage, even if I don’t need to have super confidence in myself ”,

Trusted stylist, who was from Namur in the Liberation columns in 2017.

“Media coverage affected loved ones, I suddenly felt guilty and, in private, I was likely to erase myself”,

the translator of the song “Formidable” was immediately added.


Because Stromae shares Coralie Barbier’s life, she’s a fulfilled person. Also, thanks to his lover, the Belgian artist had a chance to taste fatherhood.

In 2018 the couple gave birth to their first child. So, on the occasion of Father’s Day in 2020, the stylist posted a gentle video of him, with his father.

Looking at the video, the least we can say is that Stromae is a happy father. Moreover, on Friday, February 11, 2022, the famous singer did not hide his joy, talking about his son helping him keep his feet on the ground.

“Say to yourself, when you get home: ‘Yeah, ok, there are interviews, stuff …’ Finally yes: the concerts are great. But then, we go back, and we’re just to cook for him, or to rub his beard [les fesses] because he’s a pope, well, I mean … That just brings us back to basics! And even better “,

he told the microphone of “France Inter”, before announcing:

“The most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me is my son’s life.”

Note that this isn’t the first time Coralie’s lover has trusted her son. In fact, in an interview for “Clique,” ​​the singer also opened up about being a father.

“It touched me, I cared for him, and I continue to care for him. The last thing I liked was when my son told me he missed me. ”

he trusted, after saying that:

“There really aren’t any explanations really, it’s coming, it’s an animal (…) My wife has nine months to realize it, to me it’s not in my body so it takes a little while to get -acclimatize, to get used to it.I didn’t say to myself at the time “I love him unconditionally”, just very slowly.

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