Sophia: The VIP 360 became Virteem to mark its entry into the metaverse

Expert in digital marketing and virtual reality, VIP 360, led by its co-founder Kevin Soler of Sophia, seeks to make the metaverse product center the new road map. And to mark the occasion, the group changed its name and became Virteem, a “Scale Up Saas software editor” for virtual tours, Virtual Reality and… metaverse.

Not so long ago, Facebook was Meta to sign his path in the metaverse and Web3. For Sophia, all things are considered, VIP 360expert in digital marketing and virtual reality, changed its name and became Virteem to better mark its expertise in immersive technologies and enter the long metaverse head. Led by its co-founder Kevin Soler, the company also determined the semantic reason for this new name: “Vir for virtual and teem for multiplication, a kind of constant boiling similar to the company and M in the metaverse, the central product of the company’s new road map”. (Photo DR: Kevin Soler on the right, featuring part of the Virteem team, ex-VIP 360, and the T-shirts with the new logo)

Become a Scale Up, Saas software publisher for metaverse

This name change also gives the former VIP 360 group (about forty employees and growth through self-financing) the opportunity to set its ambitions: to become a Scale Up publisher in Saas software for virtual tours, Virtual Reality and metaverse. The company, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, wants to at the same time push the accelerator and enter right during hypergrowth (it is already in the Top 500 ranking of Tech companies in France and a member in France. Tech Scale Up Club).

To provide itself in ways, it recruited a dozen talents. Unity 3D integrators, sales representatives and Growth managers in particular are expected to join the Sophia Antipolis team by the end of the year.

The four verticals of Virteem

Virteem has also updated its service offering and the markets it targets. It distributes its solutions for virtual tours, virtual fairs, virtual reality and metaverse, according to 4 verticals:

  • human resources with virtual platforms for onboarding new employees and recruiting.
  • schools and the virtualization of events such as open days, remote campus visits and the presentation of training courses through immersive space.
  • industries with their internal communication and employee training challenges.
  • communities and their need to digitize their territories and infrastructures for the purpose of attractiveness.

The metaverse at the center of the roadmap

Virteem explains that it responds to the need of its customers through determined access to the metaverse, the central theme today with 3.0, crypto, NFTs and blockchain. For Kevin Soler, the cryptos or metaverse is more fashionable but represents the world of tomorrow. Also, for Virteem the metaverse direction is clear: as an expert in immersive and collaborative technologies for 10 years, he believes he has mastered the challenges and problems of virtual reality.

The idea now is to create a customized digital solution based on a superposition of immersive technologies thanks to metaverse, virtual trips, augmented reality and virtual reality. Because the physical and the digital tend to come together, Virteem will design collaborative and immersive experiences that meet the challenges of client companies. Being around these services and its new position as a SaaS software publisher Kevin Soler, who already claims very fast growth of 100% per year, is looking to climb and ride the wave of Web3 future.

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