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Céline Bruchet: “Covid reveals some problems that couples are unaware of”. – © Didier Cheminot

Practitioner in sex therapy and couples therapy recently installed at Vars, Céline Bruchet is trying to heal the ailments that damage the smallest cell in our society. See you …

“Love is like the wind, we don’t know where it comes from”, Balzac writes. Another point in common, at least, between the zephyr and the noblest sentiments. It can be speed. This is how the cute little mania that, yesterday, drowned in the eyes of an emotional partner, soon became unbearable there, the weight of the years helping … The misunderstandings , small differences become pitfalls, resentment born of small contradictions, the The potion of love can soon be poisonous. But there is another register as well. That’s the desire to be exhausted in the diaper, if the origin is purely physical, or if it has a more psychological foundation. Many couples have also won it. But there are solutions. Among them, Céline Bruchet’s singular capacity to listen and pay attention.

Fifteen years as a nursing assistant in palliative oncology care at home, a task she says she has done “with love”, it has developed skills. He only left this profession when his health forced him to do so. Mined in endometriosis, a disease also described as “sexual pain” that is completely unknown to men, but it affects more women than one would like to think. So, on the strength of this course completed with a Bac in SME-SMI Management, our young Bisontine just needs to listen to this little inner voice that proves to him that one day, he will build his own business.

With her diploma in sex therapy and couple therapy in her pocket, she had the good fortune, at age 36, to officially hang her plaque on the wall of her Vars office, where she lived for nine years, where he is now. receive after a semester of video practice. A non -medical profession, but recognized as a source of real benefit and which, thanks to Céline Bruchet’s double specialty, allows you to wipe out many ailments.

“Usually, practitioners only train in one of these disciplines”, he explains, “the advantage is that I can globalize the approach to a problem, which is all the more relevant than, for some time now. , we are seeing the formation of more. and more multidisciplinary teams “. Because, according to our practitioner, of the evils that affect couples, the source is sometimes found in the antipodes of its consequence. Loss of desire, and therefore erection in a man, can be directly related to a prostate problem. Vaginismus, on the other hand, may have a psychological basis.

All the more reason to talk about it. Which isn’t really the easiest within the couple where, paradoxically, what creates the person most closely is developed. On one hand or another, the slightest amorous evasion is likely to create irreversible narcissistic wounds, the storm is usually not far away …

In pairs or solo, therefore, depending on the situation, an ear therapist may be the solution.

“If I get a couple, or if I work on video with them, I first try everything, profession, sentimental life, family atmosphere, etc., the goal is to understand where the blockages are, whatever. they ”, explains Céline Bruchet,“ it’s in a way the couple’s technical control, which shocks people who always meet me without much hope, because they think they’ve tried everything ”.

It is the counting of no good strategy that, soon, leads for example two distant lovebirds to put themselves on moral limits beyond their first love to stray. The cause has been identified, a big step has been taken …

Betrayal, jealousy, change of physical condition, depression, love, unspeakable … The list can be very long, these incidents can easily extinguish the little original flame. But there is something else, for most of our time, that does no harm. It is Covid and his confinements that, while depriving the creatures of their own foam, force them to live together for long periods of time, every minute done by the good Lord. “Some couples don’t realize they have problems, and this situation reveals them”, re-analyzed our therapist. That’s why you need to be fast. This is his own creed, making a crusade to prevent deceptive and destructive corruption. Go fast, but always with delicacy.

The delicacy is also his mark of one who also knows how to give his time volunteering inside La Grayloise, by activating discussion groups about cancer and sexuality. Another taboo that doesn’t just add pain to the drama.

Rate: 50 euros per hour for sex therapy and 60 euros per hour for couples therapy. Contact: 06 33 60 67 42 or

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