Natasha St Pier gives a “spiritual” concert at the Saint-Amable Basilica in Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)

Touring churches and cathedrals in France for her album Croire, Natasha St Pier performed on Saturday night in Riom. After moving away from the media world and the star system, she relied on her approach to spirituality to guide her life and inspire her songs.

You are performing at the Saint-Amable basilica in Riom, is there a particular reason for your coming? The request of the inhabitants of the territory brought me here. Since I toured religious buildings all over France, it was a great opportunity to get to Riom. I’m glad to come to your place ?!

Have you visited Puy-de-Dôme before? I used to do a church concert in Saint-Jean d’Ambert. After all, to know all the dates is even more complicated: if you travel, you won’t see the towns where you’re performing. It’s always hotel and theater. When my son comes with me, I nonetheless try to show him things, so that he can travel, enjoy and discover France.

Will your son Bixente always accompany you on tour? Every now and then. He loves it, touring and visiting regions of France. We make it a point of honor to visit museums, parks and unique local places. God knows there are many of them in France. Especially in Puy-de-Dôme.

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To get back to your concert, how does it happen? We were at the end of the tour and were very happy to come to Riom. We will offer, with my team, songs from my album Croire, poems by Thérèse de Lisieux from my previous albums, but not only…

Will there be some surprises then? Yes, there are many.

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Part of the proceeds of the concert will be donated to an association … Yes, like every show I give. Tonight’s concert will be funded by the Saint Matthieu Foundation. It is involved in the maintenance and repair of Catholic Education schools. This allows this institution to continue to fulfill its mission of church education for young people. Very close to my heart.

Your album “Croire” is described as “spiritual”. What does that mean? This is an album that invites us to reflect on our relationship with ourselves and others. It also allows you to reflect on what you are looking for in life. We rarely take the time to stop and ask ourselves if we are in the right place, what exactly we want. “Am I what I want?” or “am I the best version of myself?”. All of these meditations are usually in the spiritual realm.

This belief, do you always have? Yes, I was raised Catholic and for me faith is a part of being spiritual. We believe in something for which there is no real evidence of it. With this faith, we strive to grow and make the right decisions.

But then, is your concert reserved for believers? Not really. It is open to all. It’s not a show that tries to convert the audience. It’s a show that tries to do good for the audience, help them feel good about themselves. Is this the message you want to convey through your album ?? Abi nako. In Croire, I also try to talk about the part of women who inspire me because they have values ​​that are close to Christianity, spiritual and emotional.

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In your album you also answered the theme of motherhood … Inevitably, motherhood can change us. It starts when you are pregnant but when it comes to birth, everything changes more. We know what unconditional love is. I want to pay tribute to the woman I became.

You’re moving away from the star system, why? I want to give more time to what I love, to do something other than have fun even if having fun with people is something very beautiful. I want, being very selfish, to bring a little more, to feel that my music has added value.

Practice. Natasha St Pier in concert at the Saint-Amable basilica in Riom at 8:30 pm, 18, rue Saint-Amable. Reservations on the website

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