“My love of France lasted 30 years”

Adriana Karembeu told us about her story and her arrival in France: her shock at the yogurt aisle, her longing for sauerkraut, her tumultuous game of rugby and her vacation with Michel Cymes. place (s) in Adriana Karembeu’s France!

Ambassador invested in the Red Cross, television host, model, but also actress, Adriana Karembeu has lived a love affair in France and France for 30 years. But where does it come from? What is his story? What does he want in our country? Encounter between love and emotion with one of Europe’s favorite French personalities.

seat (s) in, it’s an opportunity to discover a celebrity in a more intimate way through the places she’s included. This time it’s the Slovak model, Adriana Karembeu, which reveals to us important areas of his life in France.

His childhood in Slovakia

Adriana Karembeu was born in Slovakia to Brezno and grew up in a nearby village called Valaska. From a very young age, Adriana was bathed in an atmosphere of political restrictions in her disused country, Czechoslovakia. “It’s impossible to travel outside the former communist bloc. The only thing we’re told is that in Western Europe there are a lot of poor people.” So he and his parents dreamed of France. She remembers especially her father locking himself in his room to sing this French nursery rhyme, Brother Jacques. “All his life he tried to learn French. My parents loved France.”

Yogurt shock

So when a French modeling agency offered her a ticket to Paris, she didn’t hesitate even for a second. But in his third year of medicine, he said to himself: “I got on the plane, I saw the Eiffel Tower and I’m going back to Slovakia!” Some, we know, Adriana never left.

My love of France lasted 30 years

Adriana was attracted pair. But his first culture shock, he saw it in the supermarket. “At home in Slovakia, if there’s yogurt on the shelf, you have to hurry to get it.” So surprise, when he discovered these entire shelves of dairy products, in all colors and all flavors!

I kept my first pot of yogurt as a souvenir

His favorite regions

How did he discover our regions? With her modeling career in France, Adriana has traveled long, wide and cross roads. He visits, always with the same wonder, towns and regions in France. Then came her marriage to a renowned former world football champion, but her role as ambassador to the Red Cross allowed her to get to know France better and the French. “I’m lucky, wherever I go, I always get a lot of sympathy.”

I do a lot of fundraising with local Red Cross branches, it allows me to discover many cities

Among her favorites, Adriana is the most popular French Riviera. He lives in monacobut he spends a lot of time on the beach with his daughter, which he takes to the beach or to visit nearby villages.

When he was looking for a little innovation, it was Normandyon Brittany o sa Pays in Basque that he likes to take refuge. It was impossible to choose for him: “I love everything in France, everything is beautiful! I also love Bordeaux and Lyon.”

The region of France that most reminds him of Slovakia, his homeland, is Alsace! “It’s very Germanic and not too far from home. The gastronomy, the wines, the mentality of the people, the forests … There are a lot of points in common!” And Alsatian sauerkraut, this typical dish of fermented cabbage, gained all its favors during her pregnancy, right up to indigestion, after cravings at 7 a.m. before boarding the plane.

I love sauerkraut! I tried making it in a clay pot on my terrace in Monaco

His holidays are with Michel Cymes

We know the duo Adriana has formed with Michel Cymes, the doctor-host of the show The extraordinary powers of the human body in France 2. But what we don’t know is that the duo is also very close outside of televisions! They will always be with Marrakesh, Moroccobut if they vacation in France, it’s definitely on the side of Biarritz. They are especially fond of basque coastbecause of its gastronomy, its climate, its nature and the unique hospitality of its inhabitants.

We worship each other with Michel, and our spouses worship each other

They enjoy their vacation at Pays in Basque to try a rugby match? Funnily enough, Adriana remembers this chaotic experience with Michel, during the recording of a brain program, where she had to learn the rules in a short time, and where she ended up with the ball and the players. running towards him. Amidst the horror and glory, he kept a memorable memory.

They explained the rules of rugby to me, but I didn’t understand anything. And suddenly, everyone started running towards me! I laughed so hard.

Let’s go together

Adriana Karembeu called for generosity. “After the huge collection that took place in May, let’s not forget the people in need. A few small donations, every now and then, have been very helpful to the French Red Cross volunteers.”

To donate to the French Red Cross.

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