Montpellier hosted the first NFT show

On June 17, meet in Montpellier for NFT MTP DAY. An event organized by the NFT VITRUVIUS GALLERY, the first physical gallery in France.

The program of the day

During the day, you can talk to many Web 3.0 and NFT experts thanks to special stands. These stands are the perfect place to find young projects or projects that want to strengthen their communications. In addition, speakers can be live in both physical and digital formats, thanks to a metaverse tailored to the needs of NFT MTP DAY.

Among the speakers, there was: Ovochain, which is working on a new blockchain infrastructure. Newmisma, which is the first Web 3.0 platform, is dedicated to uniting, empowering and rewarding comics artists and their communities. Eco-Notebk, a project to access ecological paper and reusable notebooks has now been launched by NFTs.

Among the exhibitors, you will find rNFT, a solution for NFT collectors that create physical sources from NFT. RNFT (for “true non-fungible token”) works with collectors of Cryptopunks and Bored Apes. This is a new company that offers certification for NFT collections.

We also saw WoobyVerse, the first French 3D animation series to create its collection of NFTs. NFT owners become co-producers of the series and get a share of the profits. There’s also the Immutable Collective, which mixes math and code to create collections of unique works of art.


An augmented reality installation organized by Réalité Cachée, as well as phygital artistic performances fed the show throughout the day.

So the day will fill and it will be an opportunity to learn more about the rise of NFTs in France, the work of many Web 3.0 companies and to experiment with new forms of communication thanks to the metaverse. We have observed that NFTs accelerate the creation of phygital experiences and therefore create bridges between physical and digital.

All of this will take place in a prestigious domain, the Domaine du Rieucoulon in Montpellier, from 2 p.m.

The evening program

The night begins with an augmented reality treasure hunt to find Wooby in the garden ground.

From 9pm, attend and maybe participate in the auction. During this auction, NFTs and physical works will be presented, these works will be performed by many artists. Among the works, one can find the works of contemporary artist Alain Vaissière, the Bored Ape derivatives and the work of artists in the Vitruvius collection. With great enthusiasm, we understand why the market downturn is not reaching businesses and enthusiasts.

As Web 3.0 rhymes with partying, NFT MTP DAY will close with a Dj Set with Montpellier artist Alex Mouton.

Opened in October 2021, it is the first physical gallery dedicated to NFT in France. The desire of the Vitruvius gallery is to democratize NFTs in art, to produce new artists thanks to NFTs and to bring together block actors from different creative disciplines.

The Physical Gallery is based in Montpellier, location of NFT MTP DAY and its virtual counterpart is located in the Crytpovoxels metaverse (which will receive speakers and visitors live throughout the day of the show). The phygital, these round trips between the real and virtual worlds, is a founding act of the gallery. Everything becomes phygitalised: the team, the actions, the events, the lives.

The entire show will be aired on Twitch and the metaverse.

So NFT MTP DAY is NFT’s flagship event in Montpellier and it is very important to encourage these meetings and discussions to strengthen the web 3.0 community in France.

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