Montpellier: Heatstroke in schools, parents of students sound alarm

The association “Une école un avenir” and two teachers ’unions criticize inappropriate admission conditions for kindergarten and elementary students when there is a heat wave.

Headache, nosebleeds, vomiting, weakness… Montpellier elementary school students felt strongly the impact of the heat wave. And their parents don’t feel heard. “Every year, as we know it’s hot in June, laments Florian Libéral, co-president of the association of parents of students” A school is a future “. .And the consequences are there. Jules-Simon school, for example, a 4-year-old boy fainted Thursday in the canteen.

1 “A school is a future” back

Following an open letter asking an audience of the prefect, the rector and elected City officials, “A school a future” was launched this Friday. The collective started from the Balard and Boulloche schools, in La Paillade, and became an association represented by nearly forty schools in Montpellier.

“Last year, we took the temperature readings of the schools that we sent to the town hall. They asked us to take pictures, which we did. Then they told us we needed the hydrometric reading, and the report. to the bailiff. I’m sorry, but it’s not for us to do the work of administrations. And here, above all, we have to hurry, because these are children! “

2 Dangerous working conditions

In Montpellier, many schools are not adapted to the effects of global warming. “The school at Michel de l’Hospital (in Millénaire) is only fifteen years old, but when it’s too hot, it turns into an oven, testified a parent. The worst thing is that there are trees, shrubs and grass but in for the last three years they have concreted everything and put in synthetic grass. “

“Even new schools are suffering, like Germaine Richier (in the Ovalie) where it was almost 30 ° C on Tuesday and where they filed a petition, lined up with Florian Libéral. The blind are missing in many schools, such as Jacques-Brel (in Cité Mion) .The curtains are not enough.School children also suffer in the winter.In Paul-Eluard and Jean-Macé (in Aiguerelles), in January, it was 4 ° C after the failure to warm up.! “

In La Mosson, “children bleed from the nose and fainted”

A dozen mothers of students will be from Mosson by tram, this Friday, to tell the daily life of the district’s schools, especially Balard, Bolivar and Heidelberg. “Today, in the afternoon, between 37 and 39 ° C in the classrooms, Nadia explained. There were children with bleeding noses and fainting. We asked for fans and foggers but we didn’t respond.”

“At our school, the sun goes down all day and it can be deterrent, Nayma continues. When they come out, the kids are red and sweaty. There is only one mobile aircon for the whole school. Opaques films are put in the windows., But that hardly changes anything.In the yard, there is only bitumen except for three small trees.We have to plant again.In the meantime, the director advised us to put the kids at home between noon and noon two, and they will not be sent to school in the afternoon. “

“The priority is kindergarten children, underlined another parent. We put them to sleep at 35 ° C. And when they go to drink, the water is not even cold. Refresh the children.”

3 “We need a big repair plan”

“We’re asking for a major school renovation plan, which town hall can’t do alone. We need the help of the State. We understand we can’t do everything at the same time. But the problem is that we are always in an emergency, there is a lack of anticipation.And if we ask for fans, it is no longer possible.

Meanwhile, “we are filling out RSST (Occupational Health and Safety Register) sheets to report malfunctions. Just this Thursday, there were a hundred schools in Montpellier.”

4 Teachers are also active

“A report from INRS (National Institute for Research and Security) estimates that above 30 ° C, heat can be a danger, recalls Priscilla Manzanarès (Sud Education). But at our school in La Mosson, 30 ° C, we pick them up at 8 a.m. The problem is that when we raise this question, we oppose the institution that is more supportive of us.

“At the school in Diderot (in Saint-Martin), it was 35 ° C on Thursday afternoon, testified Anthony De Souza (SNUipp-FSU, school teachers’ union). It made it difficult to learn in school. complicates the work of staff.and teachers.They are outraged by the inaction of decision makers.A huge investment in school buildings is more than necessary.For ten years, from the month of May that we have warmth. “

“A school is a future” is cool in the City

From Thursday night and putting Montpellier on the yellow watch, Fanny Dombre-Coste, deputy mayor in charge of education, discussed “specific measures to deal with rising temperatures: mobile air conditioners in every school , cooling recommended through water games and, support for any class initiative outside in shaded city parks, rotation of children in cooler school rooms., insulation , sunscreens, revegetation of courses.

Received as a delegation this Friday in the city, parents of students from “A school a future” are awaiting immediate arrangements to “refresh classes”. But according to the City, this question will be framed in “the‘ school 2030 ’project to be undertaken with the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU) over five to ten years. (In June 2023, it could be extended to the occlusion of glazing, the installation of blinds and a generalization of mobile air conditioners ”.

Unsatisfied with this response, the association “considers using legal and administrative measures to force the city, the deliberate refusal to respond to the emergency could be considered a deliberate danger to students. It called on parents to students to mobilize to protect the health of their children. “

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