Inria and InterDigital launch Nemo.AI, a joint research laboratory dedicated to the metaverse

To engage and utilize scientists and engineers from the Brittany region to find technologies that will shape the metaverse, Inria, the National Institute for Research on Digital Sciences and Technologies, and InterDigital, a research firm and development of mobile and video technologies, announced. on June 14 the launch of Nemo.AI, their joint laboratory. This public-private partnership aims to leverage the research expertise of Inria and InterDigital laboratories to enhance France’s participation in evolving global technological innovations and trends.

InterDigital, for more efficient networks

InterDigital, founded in 1972, with 540 employees, is a technology research and development company that provides wireless and video technologies for mobile devices, networks and services around the world. It makes mobile and video technologies at the heart of devices, networks and services around the world. The InterDigital teams seek to solve the industry’s most critical and complex technical challenges, designing solutions for more efficient broadband networks, better video delivery and more multimedia experience years ahead. deployed in the market.

Through its patents and licenses, the company has established strategic relationships with several leading technology companies and has six R&D centers, including at Cesson-Sévigné, near Rennes, acquired from Technicolor in 2019, which is also the most important.

Labcom Nemo.AI, a partnership around the metaverse

Speaking of Captain Nemo, the scientist Jules Verne envisioned in his book “20,000 leagues under the sea”, Nemo.AI aims to give the Brittany region a way to create cutting-edge scientific research and exploration of technologies that define media. experiences of tomorrow. This project demonstrates the importance that AI can play for a responsible digital society.

Funded by two organizations, as well as by the French government, the joint laboratory of Nemo.AI will recruit local researchers, doctoral students, post-doctoral students, engineers and trainees, to work with topics defined as priorities, scientists and engineers from The InterDigital and Inria will serve as their educators and research faculty. It is based on the laboratories of Inria and InterDigital and its members can participate in scientific seminars, organize public events, make joint presentations, etc., at both locations.

Franck Multon, senior researcher at Inria, head of the MimeTIC team, says:

“Inria has extensive experience of collaborating with French researchers from InterDigital, through a number of joint doctors. But Nemo.AI is a big step forward for sharing a joint research roadmap, exchange of ideas, sharing in regular meetings, and having a truly collaborative lab experience.This will allow us to address the scientific challenges posed by the development of metaverse, with a common strategy of medium-term.

Inspired by YS, the Breton town that, according to legend, was swallowed by water, Nemo.AI’s first project, “”, will focus on developing new technologies to be able to participate in metaverse.

More concretely, this project will examine the representation of users in the form of avatars and examine their behavior and their interactions with objects and between them, as well as the possibility of using the same avatars between different metaverse formats.

Lionel Oisel, Head of Video Labs, InterDigital’s Research and Innovation Department, concluded:

“We are excited to launch Nemo.AI with Inria and know that this partnership will not only strengthen the scientific excellence and vision in our region, but will also create a space for local researchers and engineers to contribute technologies and innovations that will shape future technology.ecosystems, such as the Metaverse.Our expertise equips Inria’s strong research capabilities and simultaneously we support innovation through this community .

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