EF Education First and Pixpay have joined forces to simplify the question of money during the holidays »the PACA economic and political letter

A few weeks before the summer season, many parents are thinking about organizing their teen’s vacation.

This summer, thousands of young people will travel with a language. During the excitement, learning and discovery, this type of activity is prepared. One of the recurring questions : how to give your child money safely ?

EF Education firstthe world leader in international language training, joined forces with pixpaythe payment card for teens co-piloted by parents, to offer a modern, practical, educational and above all safe solution for young people (and their parents) to travel with they this year.


Between activities and outdoor lunches, small pleasures of daily life, souvenirs and gifts to bring back from their trip, the young people who accompany EF Education First need a little money to fully enjoy their adventure. Typically, the company recommends that they bring in an amount of € 100 to € 150 per week (depending on age). An amount that their parents still handed over to them most of the money. An insecure and less practical solution, which can be frustrating for parents, but also for the teenager. However, there is a real alternative!


To address these challenges EF Education First and Pixpay, two players serving young people, have teamed up to provide a suitable solution that is in line with their values ​​and mission.

On the one hand, EF opens up young people to the world through language training, cultural exchanges, academic programs and educational trips. For more than 55 years, the company has allowed thousands of teenagers to discover new countries, new languages, new people, to develop from an early age. (from 10 years of age!) the joy of learning and a spirit of openness to the worlds and others. On the other hand, Pixpay participates in the financial education of the younger generation by providing them with a payment card and mirror application (teenagers and parents). This practical and educational solution is in line with the new standards of family consumption, simplifies the exchange of pocket money and prepares teenagers for their future financial autonomy.

Both actors find themselves under the guise of pedagogy and learning by working to address the problem of managing and using a young people’s budget during their holidays.

EF and Pixpay each contribute to allow teens to experience their first moments of autonomy, while offering them the necessary security framework to avoid confusion and reassure parents who feel the need for of it. The trip can be an inspiring experience for young people and relaxing for parents who have learned to trust and cut the rope. “Pasabta Caroline Ménager, co-founder of Pixpay.


In fact, all parents who take refuge in EF Education First for teens and who subscribe in addition to a Pixpay subscription will be able to pay their teen’s holiday budget with a payment card . An inspiring solution for parents and reassuring for teens who can use it to withdraw local currencies, but also make direct payments in-store or online (no surcharge).

With the monitoring application that comes with the payment card, parents and teens have visibility into the amount and rate of spending later. Finally, if there is an unexpected event or an emergency, parents can always immediately send money in addition to their child. Something obviously impossible in liquid!

This solution gives teens all the keys to managing their holiday budget and marks all the boxes so parents can release them with peace of mind.

We have found that money is often one of the painful points when organizing a young self-guided trip. On the part of the parents, they often think about how much to give their children and how they will handle any additional needs. For teenagers, receiving money can be a source of stress, due to the fear of losing it or running out. Through a partnership with Pixpay, we want to offer a modern, reassuring and practical solution to allow teens to fully enjoy their language, while reassuring parents. » Nicolas Gimet from EF Education One.


EF Education First (EF), founded in Sweden in 1965, is an international education company specializing in language teaching, language travel, academic programs and cultural experience. EF’s mission is to open up the world through education with more than 600 schools and offices in more than 50 countries. EF also conducted the EF Standardized English Test (EF SET), the first free standardized English test.


Pixpay, a startup founded by Benoit Grassin, Nicolas Klein and Caroline Ménager in January 2019, is the first brand to finally offer an alternative to banks for teenagers from 10 years of age. Its ambition: to innovate payment solutions for teens by providing them with the resources to grow well. Pixpay offers young people a MasterCard payment card and a mobile app that allows them to pay, pay, save money or take advantage of discounts on their favorite brands. It is also a mobile application for parents, offering them a reassuring, educational and practical solution to monitor and support their children on a daily basis. https://www.pixpay.fr/

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