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Find out the detailed summary of Here it all starts in advance of season 2 with episode 426 airing on Tuesday June 21, 2022 on TF1. Teyssier’s new rule for exams with inter-promo testing. Tony thinks Salome and Axel are a couple at the river table. Lisandro supports 1st year students who have been laid off.

The complete recap of the ITC soap opera on stage on 06/21/2022 with spoilers #HereEverything Begins in the preview, all you need to know.

Will Salome and Axel fall for each other?

Find the full summary ofThis is where it all begins episode 426 broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday June 21, 2022 (see summaries ahead of Here it all begins ): the recap of the previous episode Here it all starts from 20/06/2022 online now.

Hortense was super stressed for the exams. Greg asks Charlène if she has any information for the exam … she says no but he tells Célia that he has found a way for Teyssier to reverse the decision for the exams.

Jasmine and Deva offer Lisandro to serve at Double A… even though they will be fired. Lisandro said Teyssier would not agree to take them back even if they were super motivated. Lisandro will talk to Teyssier so the women stay in service until the end of the year. Teyssier accepted because they lacked “staff” because students had their exams. Teyssier tells Lisandro to make sure they don’t disrupt the service.

Charles ITC

Charlène accepts the encouragement of Clotilde, Rose, Myriel so that the rules are respected

Constance and Emmanuel, are all in good shape between them. When Charlène arrived, she told her father that she had found a way to pass her exam.

The institute’s internal regulations (article 20) state that any student with an average of at least 10 must pass his or her examinations. Teyssier tells his daughter that he wasn’t there to make up for his stupidity … he talked to her about the disciplinary council.

Louis tells Charlène that he can bring together the teachers to form a new disciplinary council. Constance agreed not to say anything when Teyssier told her about it.

Deva here it all begins

Deva and Charlene continue to work on double A’s

Axel works with Solal at the Rivière table on Japanese cutting techniques. When Salomé arrives, Solal asks for her help … Salome accepts.

Lisandro called Ambre, Tom, Jasmine and Deva… they could stay in Double A until the end of the year… but Teyssier no longer considered his decision to release. Ambre and Tom decline the offer while Jasmine and Deva return to service.

Louis ITC

Louis helps Charlene in his own way so she can pass her exams

Tony thinks Salomé and Axel are a couple… he says he still feels good. Salomé and Axel say they are just friends. Tony tells them to “try to live your life without regrets”. Axel and Salomé are uncomfortable.

Tom tells Amber that they can find a project to simultaneously turn the institute page. Amber had an idea, she wanted to open a table d’hôtes with the Gaissacs. Amber offers to talk to Diego and Isabelle about it.

Charlene ITC

Charlène finds Célia her worst enemy for the exams

The new Disciplinary Council meets to respect the rules: Teyssier does not want to give his daughter preferential treatment…

Glad Constance, Charlène will graduate by the end of the year. Teyssier told her daughter she was very lucky. He didn’t want to make it easy for Charlene to take the exams.

Here it all begins in advance episode 426 on June 21, 2022: Smart Charlene and it works!

Célia admits to Eliott and Hortense that she doesn’t know if she wants to take exams. He wanted to quit his studies … he could no longer tolerate Teyssier’s whims. Eliott and Hortense think he should pass the exams…

Solal tells Axel that he saw Tony put his foot on the plate with Salomé. Solal asks Axel if there is anything missing in his relationship with Jasmine. Axel was confused and thought.

Celia could no longer bear Charlene’s follies. Theo was playing the referee. 2nd and 3rd year students were called by Teyssier.

Greg Delobel ITC

Greg inherited a good duet with Salomé… the pocket exams?

1st inter-promo test pairing: 1 2nd year student with 3rd year. Students have 24 to present the recipe.

Pairs are imposed: Greg and Salomé / Mehdi and Enzo / Hortense and Hugo / Lionel and Jules / Anaïs and Eliott and finally Charlène with Célia.

The highlights of Here all start from June 21, 2022: what to remember

– Célia joins Charlène for the exams
– Jasmine and Deva continue to serve Double A even though they were fired
– Ambre and Tom want to make a table d’hôtes at Gaissacs
– Tony mistakenly thinks Salomé is in a relationship with Axel
-Greg and Salomé as well as Anaïs and Eliott together for the exams: 2 unique pairs

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