After 3 years of relationship this couple will finally start a family!

A star couple from L’amour est dans le pré 2019 shared a moment of joy with their Instagram followers. Yes, a child is on the way!

The joy of parenthood is the greatest gift life can give us. And these former Love participants are in the pasture about to live this experience. They are Nicole and François.

In fact, this is the first child the couple will have, after 3 years of relationship. Do you want to know the details? This is right in this article!

Love in the pasture helped build families

Since its debut in 2005, Love is in the meadow has had a variety of candidates. And he continues to contribute to the formation of new families. In fact, in 2021, 64 children were born, thanks for the enthusiasm of the show. And since then, the numbers have continued to increase. In addition, this year, a new couple from the previous season shared in the upcoming arrival of a child.

They were Nicole and François, the two Love participants as they were in pre-season 14. In fact, between his two contenders at the time, François the Vendéen finally chose Nicole. In fact, the young Swiss is the lucky winner of this cattle breeder. In the face of Estelle, she was strong and ended up being the young man all on his own.

But it was never thanks to her efforts that the young woman remained in place. A big part of it is also the attraction that is in the pasture of the candidate for Love. So, the breeder decided to listen to his heart and decided to get Nicole. They were already there at the time many projects. And quickly, things fell into place.

In fact, they didn’t take long to implement their various plans. And during the final assessment of L’amour est dans le pré 2019, François was a new man. In fact, he was happy and completely changed. And besides, the young people Nicole decided to move to her lover. Because really, it’s already in their project. And in July of that year, she arrived at her lover’s house with her 8 pets.

A child to come!

First of all, note that this is not the first time François le Vendéen and Nicole have announced this type of news. In fact, by 2020, the young woman is already expecting a child. However, things did not go as planned. Since after a month and a half of pregnancy, she a miscarriage. A traumatic experience for the beautiful brunette!

This time, they decided to wait a bit before announcing the news to everyone. And now, there are only a few months left before the little man arrives. In the end, the couple did not determine the sex of the child. However, the blue slippers they took in the photo with their ad might mean that. it is a man.

In fact, the couple has posted a photo on their joint account. Above, we can identify a small short-sleeved bodysuit hanging on the wall. It has inscriptions “born to drive tractors with my father”. And just downstairs, tucked away in a pouf, little blue slippers are waiting for you! What to think that the couple in Love are in the pasture expecting a child.

To raise skepticism about the announcement, they even decided to be more explicit. In fact, in the publication, we can clearly read the official announcement they made that their little family would grow. “We waited four months before it was announced. The family is growing. ”So, There are only 5 months left… before we can see the face of this couple’s long -awaited little creature from Love Is in preseason 14.

Love is in the constant pasture

This year, Love is on the Ground begins its 17th season. For the occasion, behind the scenes of the show received 13 farmers from all over France. In fact, the series presented by Karine Le Marchand is still just as popular.

However, former participants complained about the shooting conditions. We can take the example of Dany (season 7) who criticizes being an unpaid actor. And Raphaël (season 6), proves that Love is in the pasture a 90% scripted show.

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