Update 23.4.3: Balance Changes for Hearthstone, Battlegrounds, and Mercenaries-Hearthstone

Update 23.4.3 will now be deployed at the Inn. It brings a new round of balance changes Hearthstone, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries. Find all the details in the full patch notes below.

Update 7:02 pm: The patch has been deployed.

The 23.4.3 update, which will be released on June 16, has a number of balance changes for Standard, Battlegrounds and Mercenaries, among other things!

Map updates

Developer Comment: This update has several major balancing changes for Standard Mode (as well as one for Free Mode) with different purposes. First, we want to reduce the power of the most powerful deck in the metagame (the Blight Demon Hunter and Control Warrior variants). A good half of these changes are for balancing and to correct the win rate on these particular decks.

The remaining changes in this update are more about improving the game experience for people who get some of the game’s most engaging maps.

The power of the following cards is reduced:

Shield Smash

  • Previously: Deal 5 damage to all minions. Cost (1) less crystals for each point of armor you have. Now: Deal 4 damage to all minions. Cost (1) less crystals for each point of armor you have.

Back from the tides

  • Previously: Battlecry: Dealt 5 damage. Earn 8 armor points. Now: Battlecry: Deal 5 damage. Earn 5 armor points.

Nellie’s Pirate Ship (Nellie’s Great Summon, the Legendary Lamia)

  • Previously: Challenging. Deathrattle: Nellie’s Pirate Crew is added to your hand. It costs (1) crystal. Now: Provocation. Deathrattle: Nellie’s Pirate Crew is added to your hand. It costs (1) small crystal.

Threat from the depths

  • Previously: [Coût : 3] → Today: [Coût : 4]

Developer Comment: The Charge Warrior and Control Warrior variants are very powerful in the ranking game, and the higher your ranking, the higher their victory rate. These two archetypes have multiple key cards, these changes are aimed at reducing their effectiveness. While these decks won’t disappear completely after this update, we hope to make some of their more frustrating moves impossible (or at least less intimidating) (e.g., Nellie’s ability to make Mr. Smite in the amount from 1).

Caria Felsoul

  • Previously: [Coût : 6] 6 ATK / 6 HP. Battlecry: Transfer a 6/6 copy of a Demon to your deck. Today: [Coût : 7] 7 ATK / 7 HP. Battlecry: Transfer a 7/7 copy of a Demon to your deck.

Destroyed Vanguard

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 2 ATK / 1 HP

Developer Comment: The other class with an excessive win rate since the last miniset was released is Demon Hunter. We may be happy to see that the updated and corrected version of Xhilag is good, but we can’t say we’re thankful to know that Caria can make a copy with little improvement. In addition to slowing down this interaction, we took a hit point with War-Worn Vanguard to reduce the chance of being interrupted early in the game, and thus causing impact. snowball.

Madpaw Gnoll

  • Previously: 4 ATK / 5 HP → Now: 3 ATK / 5 HP

Developer Comment: Rogue is one of the most played classes in Standard mode, and we feel it’s unfair to make changes to other popular classes without reducing its power in the least. Balancing Madpaw Gnoll isn’t easy, but we’re confident this new change will strengthen the map and the class.

Lightforged Cariel

  • Previously: [Coût : 7] → Today: [Coût : 8]

Developer Comment: It would be nice if the heroic cards would light up their class later in the game, but we feel like it’s too early for Cariel to help his class. The Paladin enjoys a nice balance within the current metagame, and thanks to other tweaks in this update, that doesn’t have to change.

Mermaid beating in the gall

  • Previously: [Coût : 4] 2 ATK / 5 HP → Today: [Coût : 5] 2 ATK / 6 HP

Developer Comment: Bile-Lashing Siren is a fun and interesting card for Naga Mages decks, but we thought we could end the games without it really being counterproductive. This adjustment was intended to give his opponents another turn to manage the troops he would create.

Ground scales

  • Previously: [Coût : 1] → Today: [Coût : 2]

Developer Comment: Druid hasn’t been as dominant since the last mini-set was released, but it can be very frustrating to lose to him. Earth scales seem very efficient to us compared to the value of this 1 crystal. Also, we increased its cost by 1 to make the attack class easier in the middle of the game.

lightning blossomed

  • Previous: You get 2 mana crystals for this turn only. Overload: (2). → Now: Reset 2 mana crystals. Overload: (2).

Developer Comment: Our analysis after the release of the miniset prompted us to take a look at the Free Mode, and especially the High Shaman deck. Sometimes it can land some serious blows too early, making any resistance futile. We can easily identify the main source of this problem, in the short and long-term: Lightning Bloom. This is why we made such an adjustment.

Punishment of Mr

  • Previously: [Coût : 6] → Today: [Coût : 7]

Developer Comment: Mr. Smite is a strong card that can end games, but it’s not meant to be as strong now. This tweak should make him a little more manageable in the middle of the game, while also slowing down the various combinations he is involved in.


  • Previously: 5 ATK / 4 HP → Now: 4 ATK / 3 HP

Developer Comments: While we’re generally happy with what Mechanics Master has to offer, such a powerful Battlecry card doesn’t require such statistics. This tweak shouldn’t diminish his appeal, but we hope it will make him less visible to everyone.

You can collect the full amount of dust on the cards over 2 weeks after the deployment of Update 23.4.3 (the standard versions of the cards as well as the gold version of Tutor provided as part of track in reward toIn the heart of the sunken city not affected).

Updates for Battlegrounds Mode

Hero Power Update

Onyxia the Sister Mother – Broodmother

  • Previous: Revenge (4): Summoned 2/1 Whelp to attack immediately. → Now: Revenge (4): Summons 3/1 Whelp to attack immediately.

Ozumat – Expanded

  • Previously: Passive effect. Start of fight: Summon a 2/2 tentacle with Taunt. (Improves once you sell a minion!) → Now: Passive effect. Start of fight: Summon a 2/2 tentacle with Taunt. (Earn +1/ +1 once you sell a minion!)

Developer Comment: We made this change for clarification only, it is not applicable.

Pyraride – Brick by Brick

  • Previously: [Coût : 1] Give +4 HP to a random friendly minion. → Today: [Coût : 0] Give minion +2 HP (Gain +1 HP every turn you don’t use it!).

Tamsin Roame – Fragrant Speech Bubble

  • Previous: Start the fight: destroy your minion with the lowest HP. Gives its attributes to four more allied minions. → Now: Start the fight: Destroy your minion using the lowest HP. Its statistics are given to five more allied minions.

Updated Armor Tiers

The following heroes and heroines have increased armor levels as follows:

  • Al’Akir, Faelin Ambassador, Galakrond, Malygos, Vol’jin now have tier 2 armor.
  • C’Thun now has tier 3 armor.
  • Bru’kan, Edwin VanCleef, Fungimancer Flurgl, and Queen Azshara now have tier 5 armor.
  • Deathwing, Elise Starseeker, Illidan Stormrage, Lord Jaraxxus, and Tess Greymane now have Tier 6 armor.
  • Aranna Starseeker, Cariel Roame, King Mukla, Lord Saurfang, Rakanishu, The Curator, and The Rat King now have tier 7 armor.

The following heroes and heroines have reduced armor levels as follows:

  • Alexstrasza, Deathspeaker Blackthorn, Ini Stormcoil, Maiev Shadowsinger, Nighteye the Pirate, Carniflora, The Lich King, Trade Prince Gallywix, and Xyrella now have Tier 1 armor.
  • Reno Jackson now has tier 2 armor.
  • Untamer Brann already has tier 3 armor.

Updated Services

small bubbles

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 5 HP → Now: 5 ATK / 4 HP.


  • Previously: Tavern Level 4 → Today: Tavern Level 3

Cold-light indicator

  • Previously: Tavern Level 4 → Today: Tavern Level 3

Bench Commander

  • Previously: 1 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 2 ATK / 2 HP


  • Previous: Sorcery: Give a minion +1/ +1 and Windfury until the next turn. → Now: Sorcery: Give minion +2/ +2 and Windfury until the next turn.

Tamer of Creatures

  • Previously: 5 ATK / 6 HP. Once you spell using Sorcery on a minion, give it +2/ +1. → Now: 5 ATK / 7 HP. Once you spell using Sorcery on a minion, give it +2/ +2.

Damaged Myrmidon

  • Previously: 2 ATK / 2 HP → Now: 3 ATK / 3 HP.

Lady of the Tides Athissa

  • Previously: 7 ATK / 3 HP → Now: 7 ATK / 8 HP.

Mercenary Updates


  • The Dragon Queen Game
    • Previously: Cooldown 2 → Now: Cooldown 1

The Lich King

  • Death Coil
    • Previously: Cooldown 1 → Now: Cooldown 0


  • Jadeflame Flurry
    • Previously: Cooldown 1 → Now: Cooldown 0

Tidal Mistress Athissa:

  • Crushing surge
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​6
  • Return water:
    • Previously: Cooldown 1 → Now: Cooldown 0


  • Formerly: Max. : 11/72 → Now: Max stats. : 11/82

Xuen, the White Tiger

  • Equalizing Strike
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​5

Captain Double-Hook

  • Fierce negotiations
    • Previously: Speed ​​7 → Now: Speed ​​2


  • Blessing of Protection
    • Previously: Speed ​​3 → Now: Speed ​​1

Bug fixes and fixes

  • Zarjira’s Upstart Acolyte gear freeze effect can no longer be activated if your opponent’s board is completely frozen. This is a temporary fix until the effect becomes: “Each turn, the first time an allied character is frozen, freezes a random opponent.»
  • Fixed an issue where Reno Treasure Inspector gear sometimes had no effect.
  • Addresses various localization issues in multiple modes and languages.

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