The Great Night Spread the Word: For the Love of Our Language

welcome to The great night Spread the word, piloted by Patrice Bélanger, Eve Côté and Marieme. Along with many artists, the animators celebrated our speech by presenting a variety of works of humor, theater and music. Sometimes violent, sometimes poetic, the Quebec language doesn’t speak its last word!

Patrick, what The great night Spread the word?

This is a well-diversified film where we emphasize the beauty, complexity and quality of our French language through three artistic veins: song, interpretation and humor. I am a big fan of our language, I defend it, I appreciate its qualities and its challenges. I know it’s not easy for people from abroad to learn, but it’s so beautiful that it’s worth all the effort in the world.

Photo: Steve Madden

Pascale Bussières and Christian Bégin.

You will host the evening with two super collaborators who both love the Quebec lexicon: Eve Côté and Marieme …

In effect. We are pleased to present a number of numbers. Among others, Christian Bégin and Pascale Bussières fell for the skin of a couple who spoke only to the lyrics of French songs. It’s a unique exercise in style, mixing old classics and new hits from the Quebec repertoire. I can’t wait for people to see it!


Photo: Steve Madden

The atmosphere is festive!

Perfect! We celebrate our language in a fun way. Under the prism of humor, Neev and Yannick De Martino make us think. As for Eva, she presents a lot of humor in which she notices that there is a French language common to Quebecers and, similarly, colorful expressions in the region. For example, in Outaouais, we would say: “Be careful not to fight in the tank!” which means: “Be careful not to crash into a car!” These expressions enhance our language, making it even more fun.

Yannick DeMartino

Photo: Steve Madden

For your part, you take part in a French language quiz …

Yes! Antoine Vézina brought it to life, with all the humor we know from him. I confronted Christine Morency, and the questions related to the difficulties we had to resolve in order to speak French well. We really enjoyed shooting it! In addition, Catherine Éthier presents an excerpt from her own play, featuring a pig with a weakness … for lipstick!

And in terms of music, who are the guests?

Ariane Moffatt

Photo: Steve Madden

Ariane Moffatt, Samian and Vincent Vallières presented songs where the words stole the show. I discovered that in addition to making excellent music, Jérôme 50, one of our guests, is currently graduating from university in linguistics. His thesis topic is the difference between standard spoken language and standard written language, which has its own codes since the arrival of text messages. Jérôme had a wonderful discussion with the enthusiasts of our thriving language, without freezing over time.


Photo: Steve Madden

Were there any emotional moments at night?

Sure! We pay tribute to Josée Boudreault, who had to learn to speak again after two strokes. Now aphasic, he faces linguistic challenges every day. This proves to us that we should never take our language for granted!

Marieme, Eve and you talk about your love of the French language, revealing your favorite words and what you like a little bit. Can you give us an overview?

The word “fricassée” makes me laugh, because of its sound and its meaning, a potpourri of all kinds of food. I let you discover my other favorite terms, which I reveal to my co-hosts. As for the words I don’t like, there is “hypocrisy”. “Sie” finally reminds me of “musie”. And for me, there is nothing worse than a hypocrite. Whatever the words, you’ll have fun watching The great night Spread the word. I even believe that this show can make us love our language again!

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