the dog Hatchi, mascot of the supporters of Racing Club de Strasbourg, hero in a clip

A husky dog, Hatchi, is the main character in a clip shot between Strasbourg and Marseille to raise awareness about the abandonment of animals. The film, in which several personalities participate, highlights the various associations involved in animal welfare. Release is scheduled for early summer, a period of rising dropouts.

The scene takes place in the forest of Obernai. A master took his dog into the woods, tied it to a tree and left. A jogger who passed by found the animal and decided to drop it at the SPA in Strasbourg.

This is the journey of adoption that is said. What will the SPA do to find him a home? How to set the procedure? How are host families evaluated?

It’s a question of explaining what happened for the abandoned animals, the complicated journey that awaits them in hopes of finding a caring family., explained Omer Dermi, the owner of Hatchi, on the initiative to film the clip. Her dog was the one who informed her of the problem. Since then, he has founded an association CBEAA, the animal welfare community in Alsace.

And the main actor is already in his little local fame: the most loyal canine admirer of the Racing Club de Strasbourg, he has become the mascot of RCSA supporters, whose scarf he regularly wears on social networks. (Read the article we dedicated to him in November 2018.)

For Hatchi, the screenplay in the clip is fiction. The 6-year-old dog was never abandoned. Adopted as a child, he always lived in a caring family environment. The SPA enclosures, he discovered them for filming, were about to film a series at the time of his reception at the shelter. We felt the animal in disbelief and insecurity amid the howls of its neighbors in the cage. Illustration of the malaise felt by pets who fail in these receptive structures.

The number of these abandoned comrades is increasing. “We have an increase in adoptions of incarcerationssaid Maeva Fabbri, director of Strasbourg SPA. But since then, it has been the opposite and has been crescendo. With summer, some owners are impatient to finally take a vacation after two years of avoidance. But not their dog. As a result, many of them want to break up with it “. He relied on airing the clip at the start of this sensitive summer season to encourage owners to keep their animals.

Filmed in 2021, the beginning of the clip (to be seen below) has already been broadcast on social networks. The health crisis forced us to postpone the rest of the filming, which finally became the end of the spring of 2022. Shot without dialogue with sad background music, the result offers a touching story that will move the most sensitive souls of. the cause.

Good end to the story for Hatchi. A family fell in love with him and said they were ready to accept him. But he lives in Marseille. So it was necessary to bring the dog to the south of France. More expensive for the family than the association.

Here play the volunteers of the association “les anges du rail”, which oversees the transfer. The opportunity to discover this structure by SNCF railway workers offers year-round free transfer by train to cats or dogs promised for adoption or who need to move between different habitats. So they support

The sequel takes place in Marseille. Hatchi met his adopted family, played by Pascal Soetens (“Pascal the big brother” for reality TV fans) and Marseille singer Lylloo, who is very popular on social networks. Several personalities have agreed to voluntarily participate in the filming: Cécile Wolfrom (Miss Alsace 2021) and Strasbourgeoise vice-champion of Europe in English boxing, Marina Sahrakov, playing the role of managers of Strasbourg SPA, the Alsatian comedian Laurent Arnoult played. the role of a volunteer, Marseille footballer Marcel Dim is also part of the cast, on the scalp of the Marseille SPA.

It is a cause close to our hearts.“, trusts Cécile Wolfrom, touched by the subject of the clip that decided her to adopt a dog soon. Same commitment for boxer Marina Sakharov who, even before filming, was already accustomed to welcoming stray animals (rabbit, cat, etc. a goat!) Since filming, she has officially joined the Strasbourg SPA as a volunteer.

The entire short film will be available on social media by the end of June 2022.

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