Purchasing power, pensions, education … What to remember from the debate between Autain, Attal and Bardella

Three days before the second round of the legislative election, the presidential majority, the RN and the Nupes debated this Thursday night on BFMTV, for the final decisive exchange. Heat wave, purchasing power, pensions, hospital crisis … BFMTV.com explains what to keep in mind from these exchanges.

Jordan Bardella, president of the National Rally, Gabriel Attal, budget minister and legislative candidate of Hauts-de-Seine and Clémentine Autain, rebellious deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis, were debated this Thursday night on BFMTV, three days before the second round of legislative elections.

• Abstention: “it’s very important” for Gabriel Attal

After a historic abstention of 52.49% on Sunday, 10 points above the first round of the 2012 legislative elections, Gabriel Attal acknowledged “excessive abstention” and called for “French participation in the elections”.

“There is anxiety, anger, French people close to the euro,” the minister said to try to explain this low participation.

Not enough to convince Jordan Bardella to criticize “a president who doesn’t like election campaigns”.

Clémentine Autain, for her part, called for “general mobilization”, insisting on calling for votes for the youth. 7 out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 25 abstained on April 10.

• Pension at 65: Bardella criticizes an “unfair project”

Emmanuel Macron promised regional daily press columns that the retirement reform at age 65 would take place “in the summer of 2023”. To the great outrage of Jordan Bardella and Clémentine Autain.

“Retiring at 65 means making the unemployed contribute higher (…). It’s extremely unfair and brutal. Retirement is not just accounting,” the MEP said.

The representative of the rebellious France ruled for his part that the legislative election was “a form of referendum” on the pension reform project.

Gabriel Attal himself acknowledged this reform, making sure it could be done gradually, in consultation with social partners, and promising that people who started working earlier would benefit from an early retirement.

• Purchasing power: Autain wants to pay for “crisis profits”.

Faced with the highest inflation since 1987 with more than a 5.2% increase in prices in a year, Gabriel Attal recalled the executive’s willingness to present a bill in favor of the Council’s purchasing power. to ministers on June 29. The Budget Minister also assured that the Nupes (New Popular Ecologist and Socialist Union) wants to “increase the tax on the middle classes”.

The union candidate on the left denied the accusation.

“What we want is to compensate those who benefit from crises”, he explained, assuring that his camp also intends to “block the prices of basic necessities”.

For his part, Jordan Bardella strongly criticized the steps taken by the executive and called in particular to end VAT in a basket of 100 basic necessities.

• Heatwave: Attal defends “urgency to move”

Faced with the historic heat wave now experienced in France before the start of summer, Gabriel Attal assured that the president’s camp is more motivated than ever to fight against global warming.

“We’re not just talking about its impact on future generations, we’re talking about its impact on people. (…) It’s a reminder of the urgency that needs to be acted upon,” he explained.

In particular, he explained the need to invest in renewable energy while maintaining vital nuclear energy. “We need both,” he said.

It is not enough to convince Jordan Bardella who ruled that the issue of global warming is above all related to the “dominant” economic model “based on the production of products in China, the East, Asia, European consumption and a recycling. in Africa “.

Attacked by Gabriel Attal on the nature record of François Hollande’s five -year term, Clémentine Autain assured him that “the Nupes program is incomparable”.

• Emergency crisis: “we need to stop managing the hospital like a business”

One hundred emergency services are at risk of shutting down this summer. Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of a “flash mission” on a trip to Cherbourg in early June.

Gabriel Attal defended the measures already disclosed by Brigitte Bourguignon, the Minister of Health, which aims to double overtime pay for non -medical staff.

“We need to stop running the hospital like we run a business, because that’s Macronie’s specialty”, Jordan Bardella replied.

Clémentine Autain answers more broadly about the public service question.

“We are radically changing policy. Public services have been abused for very long time. Civil servants have been suffering from the freezing of the index point for a long time,” he lamented.

• “Police who kill”: Attal punishes those responsible for police exploitation

Jean-Luc Mélenchon said in a tweet in early June that “the police will kill”. The Nupes leader criticized a “disproportionate use” of force following the death of a young woman in Paris on Sunday, a passenger in a car who refused to follow Paris.

Enough to encourage a lively exchange between the RN and the Nupes.

-“The police are there to protect. That the police now kill without a proportional structure of self-defense is a major political problem. Mr. Darmanin cannot continue to protect the acts of of this kind ”, believes Clémentine Autain.

– “You’re always on the side of the thieves. You’re not for the Republican police, you want to disarm the police. You talk like Macron on police brutality but you know the violence for the police is, for 1500 euros is on the front line and spit in the face ”, replied Jordan Bardella.

In retreat, Gabriel Attal finally assured that “the problem is that there are officers who demean and expose our police forces and those who constantly take advantage of them”.

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