Michel Sardou: back to his troubled relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy

This Thursday, June 16, W9 devoted two documentaries to a French song icon: Michel Sardou. On this occasion, Gala.fr wants to get back into his troubled relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy. Between these two men of character, the relationship conflicts more than once …

Between Michel Sardou and Nicolas Sarkozy, very little ‘I love you, I don’t either.’ At least this has happened in the past. Friends for many decades, their relationship, like almost everyone, experience ups and downs. And just as life sometimes makes things right, it does Carla Bruni’s husband joining Michel Sardou and Anne-Marie Périer, on October 11, 1999, in the municipality of Neuilly-sur-Seine. A ceremony took place in the presence of eminent witnesses, as the groom surrounds himself with his friends Johnny Hallyday and Eddy Mitchell for this big day. A few years later, the artist left song that went unnoticed in the middle of the election campaign. His title Let’s dance, published on the last page of Le Parisien, actually refers to themes dear to the rival Ségolène Royal. “Tell the kids we’re going to change the education they have to one they don’t. Add that we have to work”tones for example Michel Sardou. Funny coincidence on the calendar. What if not?

Accused of campaigning for Nicolas Sarkozyknowing to all that he was close, the main party defended itself: I wrote this a year and a half ago without Sarkozy holding my pen.. It was definitely an encounter with his project “he acknowledged, according to comments reported by The world. And to add: “Nicolas is a man who does what he says. He says reasonable and doable things.” Before getting angry: “We live in a state of absolute prosperity, there are those who abuse it! We lose the taste of effort and the kids don’t pay attention to schooling. They want to be rich and famous. But you have to be work! ” At Universal, his record company, this text is not surprising: Sardou is always on the right. He never hid that he was Sarkozy’s friend“, relied on Alexandre Hermann, responsible for its promotion at the time. So far so good …

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© AGENCY / BESTIMAGEMichel Sardou, with Nicolas Sarkozy, on the day of his wedding with Anne-Marie Périer, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, in 1999.

Michel Sardou was “disappointed” by Nicolas Sarkozy

In 2010, while Nicolas Sarkozy was still at the Élysée, the singer ruin his politics in the columns of Parisian : “I believed it, but I no longer believed it. If you are promised fourteen reforms and do not make one … I’m thirsty. But I don’t want to talk about politics. Don’t bother me with this“, he released, with the flowery language we know him, testifying that he”not near Sarkozy. ” Act 1 began. Neither one nor two, the President of the Republic, was angry after what the press said, called the interpreter at I will love you on the Elysee.Because of you, I filled my mouth! I was even summoned to the Élysée on the Monday of Pentecost“, he said, a year later, still with Parisian.

Words that gave him … a call to the Elysée

Michel Sardou, contrary to what one might think, this meeting is very serious. So dressed in nines that he would go to the presidential palace: “I wore my suit, my tie, my Legion of Honor. The bailiff took me to the gardens where the president was waiting for me“, he recalls. And there, surprisingly:”I saw Nicolas Sarkozy in shorts, and a shirt with orange juice in his hand. And immediately he said to me: ‘My Mimi, what did you say?“The two men were talking, explaining themselves, explaining things. In front of the president, the singer does not disassemble : “I told him again that I expected something different from him, in his politics. “A frank dislike of the statesman:”I left and he still bothered me“, Michel Sardou said. It is clear that Cécilia Attias’ ex”very angry. ”For his part, the star alternates… and did not rule out the vote remaining in the next presidential election. Vibe.

Michel Sardou turned his back on Nicolas Sarkozy

Unlike 2007, Michel Sardou will not vote in favor of Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2012 presidential election. ”Do I vote? Yes, I voted blank last time“, he confessed, over the microphone in Europe 1, next year. And to explain why he did not support the former president:”I had a discussion with him, we argued, we got angry, we didn’t talk anymore. I will never start again“, he warned, with a grin, facing Bruce Toussaint. Then, the natural returned to a run:”His reforms, he must do immediately, not wait five years!“And to bring the point home:”He didn’t flaunt himself, he didn’t know how to love the public, the public, the people, let’s call him by his name. There you are, backlash, Pan!“, He released, money.

Anne-Marie Perier, Nicolas Sarkozy, Michel Sardou and Carla Bruni, at Olympia, after Michel Sardou’s concert, in Paris, June 7, 2013.
© AGENCY / BESTIMAGEAnne-Marie Perier, Nicolas Sarkozy, Michel Sardou and Carla Bruni, at Olympia, after Michel Sardou’s concert, in Paris, June 7, 2013.

A fight that now belongs to the past?

If Michel Sardou has, one can imagine, always mocking Nicolas Sarkozy, it looks like the two guys have been fixing things ever since. In 2014, during an interview with VOD, Anne-Marie Périer’s husband suggested that this separation was over. According to TF1, the politician and the singer would have pakigdaitduring Michel Sardou’s concert at Olympia, June 7, 2013. Before returning, the two men posed a necessary condition : stop talking about politics, at least not together.

I’m his friend, it’s true but we never talk about politics. We talked about books, theater, songs – his wife, mine – but not politics. Yes, we talked about it once. And we argued. So since, not again“, assured one who recently confronted Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Politics, however he continued to discuss it in the media. In early June, Michel Sardou made a sad observation with Match in Paris : “If there’s one song to be made about politics today, it’s: I don’t believe it anymore“, he said, specifying”with no more enthusiasm, of the characters on high“I’m not sure Nicolas Sarkozy has this opinion. But who cares, the two friends promise …

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