Historian, journalist and politician, Camille Chauvet has died

Camille Chauvet, a Martinican press, history and political figure died on Tuesday June 14, 2022 in Fort-de-France, at the age of 73.

He calls himself an “information activist”. This is how Camille Chauvet wants to introduce herself to her guests and friends.

The publishing director of the newspaper Le Naïf for more than 20 years, his pen is severe. And his acerbic comments on the web, on radio or television, are marked, albeit shocking on a part of opinion.

Camille Chauvet loves politics … in her own way. “I want to defend ideas from the left but not from this left that defines itself as a new right.“, he launched in the 90s.

In 1994 he presented himself at the cantonal elections in Fort-de-France under the label divers gauche. In 2010, he was elected regional councilor of the Martiniquais Progressive Party (PPM). He became chairman of the SAR (Regional Development Scheme) commission. From this time on, he said: “I am a soldier of Serge Letchimy“(president of the former Regional Council between 2010 and 2015).

He was a staunch defender of former leaders Ceregmia (Center for the Study and Research of Economics, Management, Modeling and Applied Computer Science), who has been accused of embezzling public funds at the University. On the sidelines of this case, Camille Chauvet was sentenced by the courts in 2017, for defamation and public insults to Corine Mencé-Caster, the former president of the University of the West Indies.

Doctor of history, professor of history, etc. at the technical school in Fort-de-France, Camille Chauvet is 73 years old.

The reactions

PPM tribute to Camille Chauvet


I lost a friend, a brother, a warrior. Not just anything. A child of the “bô kannal”, an enthusiast, who fought for the recognition of Martinique as a Country. A valuable activist who shone with his unwavering ideas and his anti-colonial positions. His poignant writing, his skill in provocation and contradiction, his qualities as a speaker made him an important figure in the press, in Martinican history and politics. Martinique has now lost one of her best sons, who throughout her life has shown her visceral and unconditional love. Camille, when you left, I lost a progressive family member that I have always trusted. I will never forget your smile, your jokes, your volcanic nature and your valuable advice. True friends are like stars, even if we can’t see them, we know they exist. Camille, you haven’t been taken away by death, you’ve just multiplied your memory of each of us. Rest in peace, my friend.

Serge Letchimy, Chairman of the CTM Executive Council

Reactions to the death of Camille Chauvet

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Interviewed: Louis Singamalon (friend), Luc Reinette (Guadeloupe independence activist), Victor Jean-Baptiste (childhood friend), Catherine Conconne (Senator) and Serge Letchimy (PCE, President of the Executive Council of CTM).

I salute the memory of Camille Chauvet, historian, political activist, sports activist. In the early 1970s, as a student on the Fouillole campus in Guadeloupe, Camille Chauvet supported the striking sugarcane workers at the UTA (Union of Agricultural Workers) call, her support of the poor farmers within the UPG (Union of Pesants of Guadeloupe). These mass struggles heralded the creation of the UGTG and major mobilizations for improving the living conditions of workers in Guadeloupe like Martinique. I think of Chalvet 1974. Camille Chauvet contributed to the awakening of consciousness in Martinique during the 1970s and 1980s.

Marie-Hélène Léotin, historian, former executive advisor

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