Godfather of FAB Cup 2022, Stéphane Guivarc’h speaks of his love of amateur football

Unique sponsor of the FAB Cup 2022, Stéphane Guivarc’h quickly returned to his hometown after the end of his professional career. Vice-president of the US Trégunc club (R1 next season), the 1998 Breton world champion is viscerally involved in amateur football.

Could FAB Cup 2022 dream of a better ambassador for its first edition? On Saturday, in Rostrenen (22), the best Breton amateur players will compete for the event tournament this end of the year, organized by Le Télégramme, under the watchful eye of Stéphane Guivarc’h.

In fact, the 1998 Breton world champion, a native of Concarneau, will be a unique promoter in this first edition. In comments during the video broadcast of the event, broadcast on Le Télégramme Sports Live platform from 2 pm, Trégunoi’s heart quickly returned to its origins after his professional career, stopping at the age of 32. He said his love of green grasses and the chambering between the players.

You are the host of the first edition of the FAB Cup, Saturday, in Rostrenen (22). How do you feel

I’m very happy, I’m more or less involved in amateur football. It’s great to showcase the best League level players like this. This is a very good initiative. And then, seeing the people in the stadium again is very important after these moments that we have experienced.

When we talk about amateur football, what do you think first?

It reminds me of love, already. The players are enthusiastic, put in a lot of effort, with matches to be played on the weekend, which takes time and investment. Amateur football is more complicated than professional football. With work, it’s not easy to have unity at the group level.

In a word, how would you describe your relationship with amateur football?

I’m a pro and I moved into amateur football with Trégunc (he’s vice president of the club), I grew the club up to N3 last year (relegated to R1 at the end of this season). Taking over me, we were in the first district division.

What is the beauty of amateur football?

It’s the atmosphere in the locker room, it can be distracting… It’s nice. There is also the land itself. We are well armed, in Trégunc, with a synthetic pitch, but there are clubs that are more complicated. Not a lot of billiards! In amateur football, you do what you can with your income, you have to adapt. It’s about beauty.

US Trégunc is, of course, the club that counts the most in your career.

This is my town. After my career, I was a player, coach, president… What makes me happy is watching the club grow. This year, we suffered. But we will find the strength to remain in R1. What attracts amateur football is its derbies. Next season, we will play Plouzané, Quimper-Kerfeunteun, Ergué-Gabéric, Douarnenez… Sometimes it is better to play these games, there are many interests and stakes! There were a lot of people in the stadium, a lot of enthusiasts …

Why did you return to Trégunc?

Logic wants me to stay in football. My mother disappeared after my career, my father found himself alone, I didn’t want to go on, much longer. The club president asked me at the time. Twenty years later, I’m still here! I’m a simple person, who doesn’t need to have cameras. Above or below, football will always remain my passion Amateur football is more fun. Saturday’s tournament should be a source of pride for the players.

Are you the world champion, the highest difference for a pro, and on the contrary you always stay in touch with the amateur world, even a tournament in your name, in Trégunc (29)? How do you do?

There are some interesting lines on my track record (laughs). Being world champion is a grand thing, but you have to come back, not stay in your cloud. I was comfortable, I was quiet, at home every night, I was okay with my family and nothing else.

Stéphane Guivarc’h in 2010 with the World Cup. (Philippe Prizer archive photo)

Apparently, aside from any economic considerations, do you prefer amateur football over professional football?

I won’t go that far. I don’t think there is any profession that is better than professional football: getting up and training to play football. Simply put, my father and brother worked in the factory, I knew where I was from.

Will you still be involved in amateur football in 20 years?

Yes! I was, well, at home, at this club. I still have a lot of things to bring, I’m not alone, we need people, volunteers. It’s just love. I want to go back 20 years and play again, of course, it hurts me sometimes. But I’m struggling in my own way now. I’m proud of what we’ve done. I give myself completely to pro football. And now, I’m trying to grow amateur football.

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