Blizzard Overwatch 2 Live Recap: F2P, PvP, Seasons, PvE, Beta, and Junker Queen – Overwatch

Blizzard shared many details about Overwatch 2 during a live ended a few moments ago. Among the topics discussed were the transition to Free To Play, PvP, Seasons, PvE, the next phase of Closed Beta and the Queen of Junkers. Find all the most important information below!

Free to Play

  • Overwatch 2 reaching for October 4 because game-service Free To Play.
  • Blizzard wants players to have fun with the game coming years the there is always something to do.
  • In recent years, developers have not given enough trouble to players, which is not is no longer the case.
  • The new season is coming every 9 weeks with Seasons.
  • Season 1 is about to begin October 4 with three new heroes (Living, Queen of Junkers and Support), six new cardsthe push modeon new cosmetics accessible through the Store and the Battle Pass, and weekly challenges.
  • Season 2 begins on December 6 and much more content to come throughout 2023.
  • It is too in 2023 that PvE to arrive at.
  • The F2P model has many advantages. Excessive vigilance a social game and the changing business model easy access In the title. the universe Excessive vigilance is a place for all players.


  • PvP is the center of the experienceExcessive vigilance. For Overwatch 2the mode is done completely modified.
  • The game is from 6v6 onwards 5v5the balance switchthe birth of the characters mao rabut it is there is a new angle.
  • Lots of changes also for maps, such as identifying the phases of the day.
  • Blizzard has made improvements following feedback during Beta and will do the same with this one.
  • A board is the score addedhistory of the game reviewed, the ranking system so too.
  • The push mode for a new trend to occur in new maps.
  • on many developments already made by the machineExcessive vigilance. The world than more immersive.
  • In terms of audio, the team also checked all effectsand Excessive vigilance now supports new features. there new threads between heroes, and it is not just the beginning.


  • The new season is coming often. heroes and cards shifts every season.
  • Players will know what will happen way.
  • Loss Loot Boxes. A Battle Pass and Shop system introduced so that the players have added control of their purchases.
  • Two Supports and a Tank GIVEN for the first times.
  • There are characters with a already seenas well as others completely new.
  • There are many sides science fiction on new maps.
  • Rio arrived. A map located in Portugal also, in mode push.
  • there new rewardson amuletson banners. there mythological appearances, adjustto be added through the seasons.
  • The game has always newat one time in PvP and PvE.


  • PvE deepening the story onExcessive vigilance many more and to come in 2023 through game-service.
  • There are some Seasons PvE mapswhere you will face Sector Zero.
  • The story tells the meeting heroes ofExcessive vigilance, the origins of some heroes.

Closed beta

  • Beta is available on PC and Console. It added Rioa Hybrid cardand the Queen of the Junkers.

Queen of the Junkers

  • Players are waiting for the Queen of the Junkers since a long time.
  • There’s Jackal and Chopper not included in Junktertown, and it is the Queen of Junkers behind this decision.
  • This is a Aggressive tank. He was armed with an axand it is used in much of his ability.
  • You have one rotary attack with the sword as alternate fire. This is one back to yours after your throw.
  • With Rampage, you run towards enemies in a devastating attack. Heroes who are hit can’t can no longer be cared for.
  • He is not not always became queen of the city. That’s the story very interesting.
  • Overwatch 2 progress the history of the world.
  • He is there always developed with 5v5 in mind. He has a Command Shout already accelerationmany weapons which he threw to the adversaries. He is very dangerous in close range.
  • His short film centers on his story before becoming queen.



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