Worldline invested in Metaverse – 05/31/2022 at 09:53

(AOF) – Worldline was one of the first companies in its sector to launch Metaverse with a dedicated virtual showroom. The payment specialist aims to link virtual and real worlds for e-commerce players, giving them access to the huge potential of the Metaverse.

“The Worldline showroom is merged with Decentraland, in Crypto Valley. Building this central and busy location, Worldline will enable its network of merchants to launch Metaverse through its platform, while giving them added value and visibility, “the definition of the company.

In addition to launching this showroom, Worldline will continue to invest and allocate significant resources to the development and distribution of new Metaverse-related products, specifically designed to meet the needs of the entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in virtual worlds through 3D and grow in it.

For example, white label stores are installed in Metaverse with direct payment access to all Worldline payment solutions, thus combining real and virtual payment ecosystems in the same secure universe. .


Key points

– Europe’s number one in payment services and electronic transactions;

– Revenues of € 3.7 billion are centered in Europe and are divided into 3 divisions – entrepreneurial services (65%), financial services (25%), mobility and transactional web services (9%);

-Business model for a leading international Paytech, based on mastering the value chain of payment services, on a single and modular platform, with its presence in merchants and banks in a lig -on positioning of line services and technological investment;

– Open capital with 2 strong positions – SIX Group (1.69 in shares and 18.9% in voting rights) and BPI France (4.39 and 3.88%), Gilles Grapinet the Chief Executive Officer and Bernard Bourigeaud Chairman on the board of directors of 19 members;

– The financial situation controlled with net debt decreased to € 2.9 billion.


– Vision 2024 strategy of sustainable external growth aimed at annual revenue growth of 9 to 11%, operating margin of around 30%;

– Innovation strategy is broken between the group’s self-information system security, augmentation and disruption: internally: Win network, Lit or Worldline Labs incubator, community of 300 experts, etc. / externally: partnerships and links to start-ups in the field of trust services, customer experience and performance and intelligence / focus on inclusive solutions (African fintech InTouch, the dedicated QR code in India, etc.) / on open-innovation : integration of technological platform with the latest providers -APM, cryptocurrencies, BNPL …;

– TRUST 2025 environmental strategy: 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2020 / inclusion of sustainability criteria in solution offerings / support for dedicated fintechs (the African InTouch);

-Expect new partnerships with Italy and India and seek fintech acquisitions;

– Integration of entrepreneurial service activities (20% of the local market) with the Australian company ANZ, which is expected to generate € 180 million in revenue per year and an operating margin of 20%.


– Exposure of 1.5% of turnover in Russia and 1.5% in the Baltic countries, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Moldova;

– Sale of Apollo funds in Terminals, solutions and service activities, valued at € 2.3 billion;

– Questions about an exit from the capital of the SIX Group;

– 2022 targets an 8 to 10% increase in revenues, an operating margin of + 27% and a debt impact reduced by 1.5.

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