Warzone: Good Fortune, the new map of Season 4

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific players will be able to discover a new map for Season 4, a map similar to Rebirth Island.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 looks to hold good promise for the Call of Duty battle royale, especially with devs joking around with a new map called Good Fortune. Season 3 Reloaded was a community hit but now heads are turning to what’s next, especially with the next season starting soon.

Players are already looking forward to seeing how Raven Software can change things this season. We’re used to seeing new weapons and meta tweaks every season, but it’s rare to see new maps in Battle Royale. Since the release of the game, we have had access to Rebirth Island and Caldera but no more.

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Fortune’s Keep, or Bonne Fortune in the Molière language, is the name of the next map in Call of Duty: Warzone.

On June 12, the official twitter at call of duty began mocking a new map, asking fans to find the letters that formed the name of the map. Shortly afterwards, the name Good Fortune was revealed, as well as its release date, June 22, when Mercenaries Season 4 was launched.

Good Fortune Map of Warzone

After several signs posted on social media, the final Good Fortune map has been unveiled, and it will look much bigger than Rebirth Island.

An impression that seems to be confirmed thanks to the VIP visit afterwards offered on social networks.

The Detailed Revelation of Good Fortune in Warzone

On June 13, the first part of this new card was revealed on social networks.

In this first representation of Good Fortune, we see the various buildings distributed on the right side of the map, as well as at the top.

The southern part of this picture seems to be inhabited by an area built into the house.

The second part of the map was revealed by the content creator, JGOD, who shared a video of a cake with a map representation.

In this image, we see a top of the map with a location called “Camp”.

The third part of the Fortune’s Keep puzzle once again shows a top of the map with the location “Bay”.

This fourth image on the map shows two small islands with houses and the beginning of the potentilla of the city above.

This new image from Good Fortune shows a new location called “Town”. This city apparently has many buildings, including a central square.

A helipad is also at the top without this fifth piece of the puzzle.

We are now in the sixth piece of the Good Fortune puzzle, which means that half of the map has now been revealed.

This new feature puts the new location on “Terraces”.

This new piece of the puzzle completes the location of the “Lighthouse” located southeast of the map.

The new map image shows the good part of the center of the map with the locations “Grotto”, “Gatehouse” and “Graveyard”.

The ninth picture is just the top left corner of the card, showing its name.

The “Continue” location is revealed instead, and it bears strong resemblance to a building we find in the Caldera of the “Capital”.

This eleventh piece of the puzzle shows the east side of the “Winery” location.

The twelfth, and the last image on the map is finally revealed, and it reveals almost the entire Overlook location.

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