Vince McMahon Under WWE Board of Directors Investigation Over Secret Employee Pay

Vince McMahon is under investigation by the WWE Board of Directors after payments were made to an employee to hide a relationship.


Vince McMahon is reportedly being investigated by the WWE Board of Directors over a $ 3 million payment to a former employee who is said to be in a relationship.

According to a Wall Street Journal article published Wednesday, the WWE Board of Directors is investigating a $ 3 million payment made in January 2022 to prevent a former employee from publicly discussing a relationship with WWE Chairman. .

The article clarified that the employee was recruited by WWE as a legal assistant in 2019. The investigation allegedly began in April and led to other outdated nondisclosure agreements that included accusations by former WWE employees against Vince. McMahon, as well as Talent Relations Manager John Laurinaitis.

The WSJ has not yet determined how many such deals have been reviewed, and WWE’s board attorney still continues to collect information on the deals in question, even if the fees are in the millions of dollars.

According to the newspaper, the board was notified of the allegations via email sent in March to a friend of the former employee. The email, obtained by the newspaper, showed that the employee in question received an annual salary of $ 100,000 at the time of his recruitment, salary double once Vince McMahon’s relationship began. Vince McMahon also used personal funds to pay the former employee.

The man who sent the email also claimed that Vince McMahon “gave him like a toy” to John Laurinaitis and said, and that the employee was afraid to quit after receiving the money.

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Stephanie McMahon is still on board

The board is reportedly investigating the allegations made in the email, according to people familiar with the matter. The twelve -person board of directors still includes Stephanie McMahon, who, as a reminder, took a break from her WWE activities in May to spend time with her family, Nick Khan and Paul Levesque (Triple H). Man Jit Singh, also a board member and former executive of Sony Home Entertainment, led the investigation.

A WWE spokesman told the WSJ they would follow the investigation closely, also saying the relationship between McMahon and the former employee was more consensual. The statement says that “The company takes the allegations seriously and handles them appropriately.»

Vince McMahon and Laurinaitis did not respond to requests from the Wall Street Journal, while WWE attorney Jerry McDevvit said the employee did not file a harassment complaint and that “WWE didn’t pay any money” when the employee leaves.

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