Tire, spin-off, metaverse and price: the List is portable

The center stage has everything in one boxing ring. Except for the strings. The CEO of the Luxembourg Institute of science and technology, Thomas Kallstenius, pushed the sixth edition of Tech Day in this detail, to ensure that everyone thinks “out of the box”, the leitmotif of the day.

But other than a- friendly- uppercut for Maison Moderne, which is organizing its Sextech event this Thursday night, there are no boxers, no blood, no knockouts, or even a little dressed youth- women to announce the stages. . No, Tech Day doesn’t need camphor to fix narrow minds.

The rule is to listen to others and that’s for me too.

Thomas Kallstenius, CEO, List

Here, science is queen and under the eyes of the newly elected president of the board of directors, Eva Kremer- the first woman to hold this position at a Luxembourg research institute- it is co- founder and CEO of Tiime, Hedda Pahlson -Moller, who was attacking, holding a lightsaber, called on us to step up our day-to-day defense of the environment and our fight against the climate crisis.

The “Jedi” Strategy

His so -called “Jedi” strategy, is for justice, fairness, diversity and inclusion. “We can’t change what we don’t know,” he said, squirming like a famous butterfly, Muhammad Ali, stabbing him like a bee. Or even “the Earth is not flat, we should think of it as‘ circular ’” with a representation of a donut that is often prohibited in this type of enclosure.

Mr. also left. Kallstenius is the world of the sport for his metaphor in the orchestra, he who was once an emeritus flute player. “2021 is a good year. We’re all musicians in a symphony orchestra. The rule is to listen to others and that’s for me too. Because we don’t play alone, but with our teammates. With them that we co-create music, thanks to our beautiful infrastructure and our top-notch instruments.

After recalling some important figures such as the number of musicians (662 including 34% women and of 52 nationalities, 95 new in 2021 and 108 PhDs) collected about 106 “scores” resulting of 205 patents (the second best mark in Europe), Mr. Kallstenius presented the new and tenth spin-off of the research center, Invitrolize, that will enable animal-free and new human cells to better test products, even for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. or tobacco.

Goodyear shows off its hollow wheel

Same as Mrs. Pahlson-Moller, he also called for action from fighting climate drift to creating technologies that work together through cost-effective design to generate their use. If Bertrand Piccard and his Solar Impulse foundation have in their catalog more than 1,000 smart technologies, the CEO of List is calling for attention from the beginning to the question of the cost of adoption, if not the last obstacle to a real transfer.

For the first time, a car fitted with Goodyear hollow wheels and the X structure (compared to the V for Michelin) was allowed to go from Colmarberg to Belval.  (Photo: Modern House)

For the first time, a car fitted with Goodyear hollow wheels and the X structure (compared to the V for Michelin) was allowed to go from Colmarberg to Belval.

(Photo: Modern House)

Of the seven stands to showcase the technology developed by the List, one is 6G, which is completely outrageous to what we know about connectivity, those of green hydrogen and decentralized distribution or even gaps wheel, which was presented there a month ago by a heavyweight partner of Lista, Goodyear, moving a BMW 430 with wheels that got a unique permit to come by road from Colmarberg (it left a plateau).

And the head of the research institute, which we often hear about digital twins, took things one step further by announcing Luxembourg’s first metaverse, the Luxemverse, which will enable all the right decisions to be made by multiple issue. An intelligent answer to everyone wondering what is the point of wasting time and money in this 150 virtual universe …

Before entering the difficult part of this day and the cycle of high -level conferences, the List presented by its former director, Fernand Reinig, the first “Life Cycle Award” to Georges Thielen, is intended to honor the entire career of this young pre- retiree who runs the Goodyear innovation center in Colmarberg and who was one of the first members of the board of directors to merge the two public research centers (CRP Henri Tudor and CRP Gabriel Lippmann) into the List , president of the Luxinnovation materials cluster (until 2019) or member of the scientific council of the National Research Fund (since 2020).

Sexy, the List? Yes, for everyone who sees ahead of their nose.

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