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Léana and Marie Hélène Beslard during a competition. (© Twirling de Forges)

the Circling on crafted trust a young woman Unkind speak sport which he practiced, Leana.

elderly 15 years oldLéana has Prader-Willi syndrome. Children affected by this syndrome suffer from severe hypotonia, eating disorders and learning difficulties.

But this illness never stopped him from doing what he loved. At age 11, he embarked on a crazy adventure, Stick Twirling.

Driven by his mistress, president of the club, this simple activity has become a passion of self -right.

Sport as an escape

In this game where skill and coordination are the key words, Léana takes her place among the other girls.

From the beginning, he found in this practice, the way to deal with his illness.

Twirling has been very helpful to Léana in her relationships, as well as managing her movements and coordinating her arms.

Marie-Helene BeslardWith Leana

Despite losing a suitable category, he wanted to participate in the competition.

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Even if she can’t get to the same level as others, the girl doesn’t stop. A game that helps him feel like everyone else and allows him to spend time with his friends.

In doing his stick and dance moves, he tries very hard at every practice.

A warrior, he wouldn’t stop doing his choreography, even if his staff fell off.

Thanks to this energy and this work, he succeeded, with his duo, in reaching the semi-finals of the French N3 championship.

An inspiring joy in life

Despite the mistakes and the final spots in the competitions, Léana never lost her smile. A joie de vivre that Marie Hélène is proud of.

She manages to motivate me and seeing her smile, it pushes me to follow her. This is a great source of motivation.

Marie-Helene BeslardWith Leana

His perseverance facilitates the desire of people around him to help and accompany him so that he can continue to thrive in the sport he loves.

The public, the jury, the people who welcomed and saw Léana and her partner “there were touching and very positive reactions” he continued.

An evolution for Handisport

During the semi-finals of the French N3 championship, Les twirleuses chose to dance to “Forrest”, a song that talks about Léana’s differences and illness. The latter is sung by Soprano.

Thanks to her performances and her courage, Léana was invited by the French Federation of twirling to make a demonstration during the final of the French N3 championship in Valence on June 18 and 19.

The purpose of this representation is to promote Handisport in France and above all to show that disability is rather an obstacle.

FFSTB hopes, thanks to the girl, to integrate disability into their game.

We can only be proud and congratulate Léana on her courage and her arrival in the spin-off semi-final that gave us an opening to crippled games we hadn’t heard of.

Marie-Helene BeslardWith Leana

Another appointment was given to all Forgions but also to Soprano.

We are organizing a gala on Saturday June 25 in Forges-les-Eaux at the Duplessy gymnasium at 2pm and it will be a real joy and an honor when Soprano comes to surprise Léana by singing her music .

Delphine SenisPresident of Twirling Forges

Hoping for a nice surprise for young Léana.

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