The Minister of Education should be silenced, he is very serious!

The Minister of Education, Fethi Sellaouti, is very much a storyteller, like one of the predecessors, Neji Jalloul. But the latter at least mastered all of his files and almost never missed his target. The problem is when we talk a lot more than it happens, unintentionally, that we get through the lies. It may not have consequences for an ordinary citizen but if you are a minister the effects are severe. The most serious is the corruption and the opprobrium it throws at the public word, in the context of the demonetization of the leaders who govern us.

The Minister leaked the case of this doctor who allegedly plugged headphones into a student to help him jump the baccalaureate barrier without incident. Apparently Fethi Sellaouti has not studied his file well since dealing with the tolet, especially in broca doctors, the minister backpedals and slowly and publicly united to apologize. “The mistake that was made was half healed “, they say. But for someone of his rank and has human resources available to him, in his office and in his department, the price is not the same. If 95% of the Education budget – the largest ministerial envelope – is allocated to salaries and bonuses, Fethi Sellaouti can easily find one in his department giving him the right information!

But the minister has since moved on, due to the exponential rise in baccalaureate fraud attempts. According to Fethi Sellaouti (after the auricle transplant affair, we were forced to take some tweezers of what he said), “there are gangs operating in Tunisia and abroad to deliver these earpieces that help cheat“. The minister released that on Wednesday, June 15 on a private radio. You hope he doesn’t come back tonight or tomorrow to tell us he’s crazy and the fault is human. But for now we’re sticking to what he said. .

He added that the famous cheat kits illegally travel to the neighboring country – where? Libya, Morocco, Algeria? – on the soil of Tunisia. Fethi Sellaouti pointed out that his department has its own anti-fraud units. “We are still trying to penetrate these networks. We learned within a few months that there was a major operation being created on such networks … We seized glasses, pins, pens and watches with cameras to inform the subjects of the examinations outside the room.“The minister opened …

Well, let me let you comment on this remarkable event and these revelations worthy of a science fiction film. My question is one that our readers will surely ask themselves: If Fethi Sellaouti has such an army to cross swords against swindlers, why are there more than ever before (over 1000 cases of fraud in the first five days only? in bac, double the number of cases recorded in the same period last year according to the minister)?

Another enigma: If Sellaouti’s services have known all of this for months, why are we even talking about it? Why didn’t they do what was necessary to get a damaging project for the honor and reputation of Tunisia, especially those who run it?

One of two things: Even the minister has gone too far – like this atrial transplant story that will follow him for a long time – to escalate alleged efforts to get the most popular national examination; no matter what he says is true and in this case the extraordinary incompetence of his teams calls for strong and urgent measures …

Seen from here what we have observed is a communication that is completely uncontrolled, saying too much or not enough and whose result is to disturb public opinion unnecessarily and intimidate the candidates for the tank directly. running. In fact, all these noises are declining and slightly reduced, in Tunisia but especially abroad, a diploma whose rating is inevitably declining in the level of students and students. training them – we must not forget the – decreased. The

Mr. Minister, it would be good next time you come up with practical solutions, tangible results and above all concrete answers to stop the hellfire in public schools. It’s even better than these endless complaints that don’t advance the files in an iota and only promote a psychosis that is slowly eroding the little faith of the police …

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