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Productions made of Turkey thrives on Netflix! After the event in the movie 7 Koğuştaki Mucizeturn on Love 101 (questions 101 in VO), the third original Turkish series on the platform, to land! Signed by Deniz Yorulmazer and Ahmet Katiksiz, it features rebellious high school students united by a common and unexpected goal: to find love for one of their teachers. Here is our opinion for the first time.

*** Warning, this article contains spoilers ***

  • Between teen show and drama …

Love 101 includes all codes in teen show : the plot takes place in a high school, the protagonists are tortured teenagers, the principal is the stereotype of the bad guy on duty and has the obvious question of complicated romantic relationships. The pitch is no exception to this rule: in order not to be expelled from school, four troubled students allied first in class to prevent the transfer of the only teacher opposed to their release by finding his love with another teacher. . However, it is above all a story of friendship and in the end, the characters improve on each other. We gradually discover that the series deals with more serious themes than it seems and then leads to drama.

  • … Subjects that are more mature than they appear

In fact, behind these rebellious students hide suffering teenagers. But the wise Isik (Ipek Filiz Yazici) reverses their pessimistic view of the world and their beliefs and brings them new light: hope, even though Kerem (Kubilay Aka) believes such a thing does not exist. Sinan (Mert Yazicioglu), neglected by his parents, makes the following reflection in reference to Professor Kemal (Kaan Urgancioglu): those who seem beautiful in the face are the worst under the face and hide their true personality by good deeds and so very good guys always lose. In addition, we witness, among other things, a wonderful discussion between Isik and Eda (Alina Boz) on social success where the first especially asks the second why he is still angry. In addition, the question of the social pressure associated with the status of women will also be raised by Eda’s character and her anorexic disorders described by Sinan as mocking her for living only for the eyes of others, to which she responds. that being overweight is judged as a weakness in our society that is prone to criticism of everyone and everyone. The victim will also be defended through Burcu’s (Pinar Deniz) marriage and the embarrassment he has caused his family. The teacher will then understand, for him and his pariah students, that it is difficult to bow to a uniform society when you are different.

  • The fear of being loved and loved

Love, a universal and eternal theme, is approached here from a different angle: the fear of being loved and being loved too. The three couples in the series have something in common, which is that one of the partners is afraid to express their feelings to the other, and especially to themselves. Are all love stories the same in the end? You’d think the young age of the characters would come into play but as Burcu has proven, even with experience, you don’t know which foot to dance when it comes to love. For others like Sinan, love is a weakness; for Eda, it’s “freaking” that we prefer to stay locked in our bubble; according to Burcu, opening one’s heart is a lack of self-esteem, while in contrast for Isik one must be self and love oneself before loving another person, which confirms the vision. of Kerem to know how to release is not a bad thing. … Ang story line D’Osman (Selahattin Pasali) goes in the other direction. Of course, the show is sometimes in the psychology of the counter and the boat sets, and we can blame it for this silly aspect but it is the facts that concern us all on a personal scale for the most part …

  • An inviting atmosphere

Whether for the eyes or ears, the charm in the series works! The fulfillment offers us very beautiful plans of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, and brings us the beauty of this town, like a living sculpture we want to visit. We also notice the contrast between the beauty of the living environment of these young people and their inner suffering. Little poetic detail: the symbolism of the birds representing the couples (on the terrace of Sinan or in the high school on the wall). But the series also owes a lot to its soundtrack, mostly pop rock or mostly Turkish. We are especially fond of remembering the beautiful underwater scenery with the backdrop of “ Where do I think? from the Pixies. A sometimes nostalgic music, like the last credits of the episode leaving us on a sad note … In fact, the characters send us back to our own past image and it can be after when watching the movie, you risk doing a little introspection into your last 10, 20 or 30 years by asking yourself if you followed the path you thought you were going to 17… The series likely to communicate more millennials than Gen Z and leave you with a bitter feeling… nostalgia.

In conclusion, Love 101 is one of those series that we didn’t have specific expectations but attracted us to their atmosphere, their soundtrack or even their attractive characters. With its short format (8 episodes of 35 minutes), it was easy to take a look at this time of imprisonment and allowed us to escape for a few hours. Rating: 4.5/5.

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