“I came back from the Philippines with Hepatitis A”

Do you think you will go that far on adventure?

Amber: Absolutely not! I restrained myself from projecting myself into the game, because I didn’t want to be disappointed.

What aspects of the game do you find most challenging?

The strategy, and the eliminations. Use some to go far and once the reunification is over, cut everyone’s head off… It’s an aspect of the game that we don’t measure enough before dealing with it. Every decision I have to make is complicated.

We are thinking especially of eliminating Louana or your choice to send Jean-Charles to the elimination round…

Louana is a betrayal, but for Jean-Charles it’s different. No idea of ​​strategy or impact… Jean-Charles pondered us for several days, to prove what he could do with a direct elimination, for me, he was clearly chosen. It’s really hard to believe I made the right choice and then I was blamed for it. When I saw him arrive at camp, upset, I didn’t understand his behavior.

How did you experience the orientation test?

Pretty messy. I’m not very confident because, in my daily life, I have a hard time capturing my memories (laughs)… Unbearable heat, I have a hard time aligning my ideas. Very hard and stressful test, there were times I wanted to give up.

We find that even in adversity, you stay fair game by refusing to follow Jean-Charles …

Clearly stuck in my mind. However, there is no merit. I wasn’t aware that we were at the gate of the poles, but I wasn’t ready to crush the others to shine. I’m not like that in life, I don’t see why I’m changing for Koh-Lanta. It is important that you succeed in controlling yourself so as not to be overwhelmed by your desire to win.

You are even very strategist throughout the adventure with the alliance of vegetables …

I really don’t agree with this strategy being very little put forward during the broadcast. I don’t really make sense, because I’ve only been in this tribe for 3 days. I endured it a little because I was allied with François who was also an ally of Nicolas. Since the beginning of the adventure, I have been very close to François, Fouzi and Géraldine, even though they are not visible on screen.

How do you accept Jean-Charles ’victory?

At the time I was more surprised by his timing than when he first finished. He flew over the test in 36 minutes, I hallucinated. Jean-Charles does a heist (laughs) but that’s Koh-Lanta, everyone has a chance.

You are the partner of Nicolas Le Goff Olympic volleyball champion, what does he think of your career?

He was super proud of me, but ever since I achieved reunification he has convinced me to lose orientation. He said to me, “Honey, I love you unconditionally, but you miss the orientation. In Marrakech you’re lost in a square, so I don’t trust you! (laughs). I didn’t reveal to him before the broadcast on Tuesday night, but he was clearly very clear about my weaknesses.

Are you having a hard time getting back to your routine after 40 days of adventures?

I came back from the Philippines with Hepatitis A, a liver infection, from drinking poorly washed food and sure because you don’t have to wash your hands in camp… It’s not contagious, we just have to to wait for it to finish. past. I also lost 40% of my hair in January, I had to take a major treatment, I no longer wanted to brush my hair… Surprisingly, it took me so long to regain weight, even if my diet was normal. . I think I sidelined myself when I returned to France because my partner was afraid that this adventure would change our lives, or that it would change our relationship. Suddenly, I never talked about Koh-Lanta, trying to get on with daily life quickly, in order to dispel her doubts. But everything is back to normal today.

Will you be tempted by an All-Star?

Absolutely not! Who will get back together with their ex or in prison? No one! (laughs). I fear never to repeat such a great adventure. In my opinion, the beauty of this experience also lies in the spontaneity and discovery. I didn’t go to Koh-Lanta to prove myself anything. I was able to get away, I had nothing to look for yet. It was a nice adventure, but it was all round. On the other hand, my lover and my mother had a bad experience with my disappearance and I don’t see myself imposing it on them again.

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