Days of self-love to learn to love yourself for what you are!

It’s beautiful a Belgian image consulting firm, located in the Brussels region. Julie Berghmans, professional makeup artist and founder of It’s beautifulhas a very simple motto to describe his day-to-day work “You are beautiful! My mission is to prove it to you. ”. To be successful in this mission, Julie offers a variety of services, all conceived and designed to help you gain or regain confidence in yourself and your image. Through her activity, the young woman always seeks to adapt to the needs of her clients, not wanting to change them. She listens and works to find solutions specific to each, so that every woman feels good about her body, right now. Thanks for her advice on dress, colorimetry, make-up, … Julie helps you express your beautiful girl.

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Days of self -love, with no one else thinking about you

Once a month, It’s beautiful organizes self-love days, where participants are completely disconnected from the outside world to reconnect with themselves. In the program, there are many activities, all focused on personal well -being.
The days began at a discussion table, each answering her complexities or questions about her image and her body, then Julie gave appropriate advice so that each woman could reconnect with her body. and learn to accept it beyond its minor aesthetic imperfections.

The day continued with a meditation session, guided by Estelle Mekari, yoga teacher. “The purpose of meditation is to thank the body for all it has done for us every day. More than the aesthetic aspect, our body allows us to live without being questioned by its opinion. We need to know it”Julia explained.
After this self-focused session, participants were invited to enjoy a delicious brunch, created by nutritionist Caroline Morauw. And in It’s beautifulthere is no question of depriving yourself: “It’s a healthy brunch with foods that are good for your health but always accompanied by a gourmet touch. I hate the word food, everyone eats as much as they want, as much as they want”the organizer continued.
The afternoon of self-love day is dedicated to the course of self-makeup. Julie started a colorimetry test to advise the colors that highlighted the participants and help them harmonize them for a makeup that would fit their personality. Then, everyone will put on make-up, with their own equipment or that made by It’s beautifulaccording to the advice given a few minutes before.
This intense day dedicated to self -love ended with a photo shoot by photographer Deborah Adriaans capturing the beauty of every woman with great talent.

Why these days?

The concept was designed by a woman, for women. “I do these days because it’s the kind of event I want to participate in myself” , says Julie, who has dreamed since the age of 12 of becoming a makeup artist and helping others see their beauty. By It’s beautiful, he creates concepts that appeal and excite him. Self -love days are a way for him to make time for himself and nothing else. For several hours, participants had no connection to their daily lives. These days are designed for women from 18 years of age and no age limit, for everyone who wants to focus on themselves, their well-being and learn to love themselves for what they are. . “I often have young mothers who take advantage of these moments to think only of themselves. Within a day, they trusted their child and made themselves inaccessible to enjoy these opportunities for them ”explains Julie, where this example perfectly illustrates the reason for the creation of self-love days.

When and at what price?

A day of self -love costs 120 euros. The price includes all activities and services as well as the provision of professional equipment for the make-up course.
The next date to be noticed is Sunday, July 10. If you want to register, don’t wait too long as places are limited and easy to get to.
Contact: It’s beautiful
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