Art enters the Metaverse

There’s nothing that can replace the unique experience of admiring a real -life work in a museum, but that doesn’t take anything away from what a copy of a book or even the internet can do. It also happens that museums have to close their doors for several days or even several months. And then there are all the acts that aren’t really worth it. Metavers now offers all sorts of alternatives to displaying Art from every angle.

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thierry Ehrmann, President and Founder of and the Artprice department: “ Metavers breed the best as well as the most confusion. There are already many fragments of it, revealing countless possible applications: while some Metavers act as extensions of our real world, others invent new universes ruled by their own. rules. The whims of Facebook (Meta) or Sandbox currently dominate the debates, but many other forms of Metavers are being built here and there, especially in the world of Art and around Artprice. “.

Dive into the digital age

Virtual tours have gradually established themselves in the art world over the past decade. Today many museums, fairs and auction houses offer to tour their exhibition grounds on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

This alternative allows amateurs and professionals alike to access the works, while benefiting from enriched content. It is a complementary way to experience or modify an exposure that meets the growing need for flexibility, the importance of which is measured by NFTs. The platforms that allow the exchange of these digital certificates can actually be accessed day and night from anywhere on earth, as long as there is an internet connection.

While digital tours were originally done as photomontages, new technologies now use 3D design software and Artificial Intelligence. Solutions developed, etc., at the Universal Art Museum, Genesis Penthouse or Spatial make it possible to “hang” an entire collection of works of art in a digital space, with an almost endless scenographic freedom.

Welcome to “other parts”

If these ideas remain unclear to the general public, many of the most important projects in the NFT sphere are hanging on to the upcoming arrival of their Metavers. This is already the case with Yuga Labs in launching “Otherdeed for Otherside”.

At the height of BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) fame and strength in its prestigious community, Yuga Labs organized the first land sale in the Metaverse that baptized it. The Other. The huge enthusiasm for the BAYC project and a very attractive mint price (305 $ APE ~ 6,000 $) pushed the Ethereum Blockchain beyond the limits of its use: gas prices (i.e., blockchain fees) increased and many participants did not. to acquire a space despite paying a significant fee. The designers were lucky to be able to compensate the injured users.

The floor price for a piece of land currently stands at 2.55 ETH (~ $ 2,500) while the last Ape sold at public auction reached $ 3.4m.

Contemporary artist Takashi Murakami for his part announced that he wants to build Metavers that will be like the sum of all his projects,

Usually, being 60 can mean you’re in the last stages of your life, but as I said earlier, my actions are designed so that their mechanism starts working after my death. So that was really the starting line for me.


I re-tested in the digital world a scene where the foot of Japan’s sacred mountain, Mount Fuji, blooms with cherry blossoms. I drew a delirious image of the future virtual space where, with MF [Murakami Flowers]my various titles and business activities will be rebuilt in the digital world “.

[“Normally, 60 years old may indicate you are in the final stage of life, but as I said earlier, my artworks are designed so that their mechanism would start working after my death. So this is truly the start line for me.

I tried to recreate in the digital world a scene where the foot of Japan’s sacred mountain, Fuji, is in full bloom with cherry blossoms. I drew a delusional picture of a future virtual space where, along with M.F [Murakami Flowers]my various titles and business endeavors will be rebuilt in the digital world. ”]

A bad program where Murakami, like many other Metavers projects, has a lot of surprises in store for us.

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