This hip-hop prodigy welcomes the love of Jesus into his life

Willy was in England the past few days to “a number in a movie”. Tonight, about twenty children from Colombier-le-Vieux, 661 residents, are waiting for their young 27-year-old teacher. From film sets to the Ardèche plateau. “We have to finish the end of the year show!», Willy smiled. Meanwhile, he has to go to Montpellier to qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. His discipline, breakdance, will show up there. This morning, the internationally recognized sportsman rested… without dancing, on a terrace in Valence (Drôme). His wife, Sarah, and he, as well as Gabrielle, their newborn angel, were waiting for him on the other side of the Rhône, on the Ardèche side, where they had recently settled.

Ardèche, base and residence port for the boy and his parents, immigrants from Cambodia. “I like the mentality of the people here”, he simply explained. Willy grew up in Annonay, north of the department. A childhood of “great freedom” For better and for worse. It could be wrong. The school? Not his thing. She would leave him with no regrets, except for his mother, in the ninth grade. “I like to do anything”recognized now the young father of the family, also evoking “world vibe” where he evolves and the guest rooms on Friday night where he visits members of his imprisoned family … On these wanderings, Willy discovers breakdance, this way of dancing imported from United States and was born in the Bronx to gangs. The boy, fed up with kung-fu movies starring Bruce Lee, is enticed by this acrobatic dance where one challenges the other during battles. The dance than the punch.

He pushed the investigation to Lyon where the groups, known as crews, were more numerous. “I started copying other people’s numbers b-men [autre nom pour les danseurs de breakdance, Ndlr]. I made rapid progress ”, by Willy. Mazir, leader of the Tekken group, saw him. Aside from breakdance, this dancer has another passion: Jesus! “Jesus, Jesus… He only has his name in his mouth. But I didn’t care! »explains Willy, who grew up in a family where one was Buddhist or Muslim, but never a Christian. “For me, being a believer means having hatred for others, for society …” And of this Jesus, he certainly did not know except that He reminded him of his lessons on history and the dates of the war. “200 BC”The “At the time, I was thinking about the meaning of life. I feel too little to deal with. “the child confessed today.

So, with Mazir continuing to serine him with his Jesus and his Gospels, Willy asked for a Bible. “I swallowed the Book of Proverbs. » During an evening of prayer at an evangelical church in Lyon where he followed the Tekken boss, Willy “Accept Jesus into your life”. “Last night, on the subway taking me home, I felt something had changed: I felt love for everyone! », Willy laughed. Her dance changed. It seems less important to him to win than to share, to give joy. Willy was baptized in June 2015. Sauvé, Willy. Himself a Catholic, his future wife, Sarah, would lead him, from church night in Lyon-Center to Lourdes, to join him in the Roman Church. They were united there before God in June. Always with him, Willy wanted to serve the youngest. “We pray that our plan for life will be revealed to us. »

Willy Hem will testify at the festival “Au mont Dieu! which will take place in Pélussin (Loire) on July 9 and 10.

The gospel passage that inspired him

“Do everything with love.” This sentence is from First Epistle to the Corinthians touched me, because it resonated in my childhood where violence was always present. By trying to do everything with love, Christ, making me calmer and changing my mentality deeply, allowed me to overcome my traumas. The power of love for me is a daily rediscovery. »

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