The motorhome, the dog, the magnets, the coffee: meeting Jean-Pierre, owner of the motorhome

We visited Jean-Pierre’s motorhome. We are interested in him with some small details of the layout, accessories and decorative elements. The opportunity for the motorhome owner to tell us some anecdotes.

Jean-Pierre Ruellé is the president of the UCCF (Union of motorhome drivers of France). A national club, uniting users of motorhomes and converted vans. Jean-Pierre welcomed us to a large integral Pilot. The heavyweight version of a model is also available at 3.5 tons. But the motor driver does not always travel in a large frame. ” I laughed watching the vans coming out now. These are the plans we saw 40 years ago. I have HY, we drive at 80 in an hour, we have to stop constantly. I bought it used and fitted it myself. Without technical control, we asked ourselves fewer questions. One day, in the heart of the Peloponnese, the clutch pedal broke. A farmer passed by, he told us: “No problem”. He will be back. And he came back with a tow truck. He took us to the village. There is a carpenter. The repairs were done there, in the old way… »

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From the artisanal van to the full truck

“This is an H2O umbrella, made in Normandy, one of the last producers in France. We visited, very small club, had 5 or 6. The umbrella was guaranteed for life. During our visit they repaired one that a woman bought 5 years ago… ”

Between the hand-mounted van and the integral with the center bed, progress is slow: “ After HY, I had Estafette, then I quit for about ten years. I was getting married again, and my wife told me: “I want to camp”. I suggested he rent for a week. Finally, he said to me, “Dance we haven’t taken it in 15 days”. So we bought a motorhome, 5.80m profile. You climb into bed with a ladder. If someone is taking a bath, they will be trapped if someone pulls up the stairs. That’s how we grew up. And then to the dog, if it rains, it’s a little 5.80 m. »

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The dog has his safety belt

Jean-Pierre and Michèle, his wife, were traveling with a small black dog, Nils, who barked when a journalist entered the cell… This is no doubt why we should immediately pay attention to the equipment dedicated to dogs. Start with a comfortable pillow placed on the side seat. ” It has a basket at the bottom, a basket at the top. At the turn of the road, he was there. But for the most part, he stays on top. We also noticed Nils ’seat belt. A leash with a car belt clip on one side, a carabiner on the other. ” This is important for the road. In the event of sudden braking. For his salvation and for ours. When we had a labrador, I refused a seat belt obtained from a wrecker, which had a carabiner. »

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We turned to the kitchen, where there was a barometer, a small pair of clocks, and a nice collection of magnets. ” Michele that! We put both sides to hold them. There were poppies from the Caen memorial, and a poppy bought at Ypres. Here, the City of the Sea [à Cherbourg, NDLR], the Rosetta stone, a souvenir from Venice, another from Valence, from Vienna. And there, it’s a postcard from the scourtins factory. The vegetable fiber extracts, are used as a strainer in the traditional olive oil press. Located in Nyons. There is a service area, moreover, nearby

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