Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) explains the reasons for her return

Over the past few days, French fans have been on Flames of love can once again admire Michelle Stafford for her works. The actress actually continued her role as Phyllis Summers in the TF1 soap opera. He tells the reasons for this return.

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Recasts are common in American soap operas (they are also more frequent in France). Some of these actually lasted more than 40 years. Not surprisingly, some actors sometimes decide to leave them to pursue their careers elsewhere. Another actor was recruited to play the “orphan” character. This happened many times over Flames of love, whose crazy intrigues are sometimes not too far from the truth. Ashley Abbott, to name but one, is successively portrayed by Eileen Davidson, Brenda Eperson, Shari Shattuck and then Eileen Davidson. Same with the plague of the soap opera on TF1: Phyllis Summers! Over the past few days, French fans have spotted TF1 Michelle Stafford, its symbol translator, trusting our colleagues from TV star on his return …

Many translators have succeeded in skinning Phyllis Summers in The Fire of Love

Since it showed up on Flames of love in 1994, this anti-heroine was translated by three actresses. Michelle Stafford inaugurated and built the character. The actress, as kind as her alter ego is (usually) disgusting, fell into Phyllis Summers stilettos until 1997, before being given Sandra Nelson who took over the role from 1997 to 1998. In 2000, it was seen- Michelle Stafford the town of Genoa until 2013, when the actress joined the cast of the soap opera Central hospital. In 2014, a new change in Flames of love : Gina Tognoni then lent her parts to the flaming redhead in the TF1 soap opera. The adventure lasted five years until Michelle Stafford returned to her first love and her iconic role in 2019. Due to broadcast delays, only today can the TF1 public see the actress in episodes of Flames of love.

Michelle Stafford returned to Flames of love and in TF1

But why did Michelle Stafford agree to return to the family of fame soap opera ? For his contract with Central Hospital ended when the producers of Flames of love and CBS, the channel that broadcast the series, offered him to come back! “When I was asked about it in 2019, I was very interested because CBS and the producers wanted to bring soap opera back to its time, when we were delivering strong story lines. That was their purpose, he explained to Télé Star. At the same time, my contract with another series was about to expire so I figured maybe it was the right timing to get back! And when he confesses that he doesn’t miss Phyllis, however, he is happy to find his companions: “Everything is beautiful, I love them all. Coming back to the teams has always been the most important part of my day, really. I keep in touch with a lot of people: Joshua Morrow (Nick, editor’s note), Christian LeBlanc (Michael, editor’s note)Traci Bregman (Lauren, editor’s note)Kristoff St. John (Neal’s translator, missing February 2019)… “

As for the plot, Michelle Stafford resumed her role when Phyllis unexpectedly returned to Genoa City after disappearing in Las Vegas. A disappearance in which Paul Williams (Doug Davidson, expelled from the soap opera) is being investigated.

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