Mars4, a metaverse game, has gone viral in Japan

Recently, news about scams and scams in the world of cryptocurrencies has increased. In addition, the entire market is showing a downward trend. However, some properties run well despite the dark atmosphere. This is particularly the case with Mars4, which is creating a buzz in Japan. In this article, we examine why the gaming platform is a hit with enthusiasts. Is this the right kind of investment for users?

Japan Mars4 Metaverse Hype Announcement

What is the game of Mars4?

The popular metaverse game Mars4 has gained a lot of traction. Known for its survival elements, it is based on the experience on Mars. The game allows users to purchase land on the red planet. Soon, players will get NFTs in the car and many more things.

But what makes Mars4 so special? Every piece of land is unique. Soon, players will be able to explore, cultivate and transform their land to improve their chances of survival. You can also interact with other players. In addition, as a reward for their time and effort, participants will receive Mars4 Dollars, the in-game currency.It can be exchanged in-game, for trading, for example. But because it is an altcoin, it also has value beyond gambling. Now every avid gamer can make money!

Why is Mars4 making so much noise among Japanese buyers?

Thanks to a regional marketing strategy, sales in Japan exploded. The collaboration with important opinion leaders or KOLs like Daisuke and Crypto Train also increased turnover in the Japanese archipelago. Faced with this success, an entire community came to life around the project. A Telegram group for Mars4 Japan was followed by other similar groups in other countries around the world. Mars4 plans to use the same strategy to conquer other markets around the world.

Of course, other strategies are also at play.For example, the possibility of acquiring Mars4 NFTs passively represents a considerable advantage. The voting system, the first step towards a decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where everyone can be part of the governance, values ​​the players. Finally, the community pool is fed with Mars4 dollars from multiple sources, such as sales or advertising. 20% of all revenue is reserved for users. Too good to be true?


Many people quit their jobs to become full-time professional players. In a way, the world is witnessing the birth of a new way of making a living, through games. Play-to-Earn. Users can now make their entertainment more valuable. In addition, through a strong targeted marketing campaign, Mars4 makes people around the world feel like they are part of a community.

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