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Expected to be complete on June 15 at Disney +, the third season of Love, Victor is also the last. Where did we leave Victor and his friends at the end of last season? A little reminder before others find out!

Nice program Disney+ on the occasion of pride month: this Wednesday, June 15, the platform revealed to its subscribers the third and final season of Love, Victor, the LGBT + series that has attracted the public. Viewers will discover not one, not two, but the eight episodes that complete the touching story of young Victor Salazar.

Before finding out what the future holds for the high school student and his friends from Creekwood, we invite you to return to the events ending the 2nd season of the series to be prepared to enjoy the sequel without it ’ y lacks even a beat.


While things look good at the start of season 2 for Victor, who has just moved out of his family and is finally living his love with Benji, everything quickly becomes complicated for him. heroes in the series …

In episodes, arguments erupt between him and Benji. If it was later learned that Victor had revealed his alcohol problems to his new friend Rahim, it was a cold rain. Feeling betrayed, she asks him to rest their relationship.


Victor, who is deeply affected by this temporary separation, is closer to Rahim and invites him to accompany him to the wedding of Veronica and Harold (Mia’s father) as friends. Sadly when Benji also went to the celebration hoping to be with Victor there, he discovered he was slowly dancing with Rahim and came back. His ex-girlfriend tried to chase him, but he preferred to leave the place …

It was only after this relatively severe disruption that Rahim decided to share his feelings with the one who invited him, before kissing him and leaving. While trying to isolate himself to recover from his emotions, Victor reunites with his best friend Felix where a heart-to-heart conversation takes place that helps him be more things are clearly visible.

The high school student then decides to take things in hand and go to one of the two young boys… but which one? In response to the 1st episode of the 3rd season of Love, Victor will be available from June 15 on Disney +.



However, Victor isn’t the only one whose sentimental life resembles a real roller coaster in the series. His friend Felix is ​​bound by his love for Pilar, Victor’s younger sister, who kisses him, and by his relationship with Lake, which he decides to end because the latter betrayed his secret and made him sick. mother.

As she agreed to dance with Lake at the wedding and seemed to have forgiven her, she discovered in her pocket a small bag of sweets meant for her mother that Pilar had dropped there. A very nice attention that pushes the teenager to leave the Lake on the dance floor and join the one that is now beating her heart…


A blow for Lake to nonetheless rely on the support of Lucy, Andrew’s ex, who is at the wedding as a waitress. To comfort her, her new friend offered to be together after the wedding.

Mia revolves around a complete love affair with Andrew, but it’s a completely different subject that infuriates her: her father accepts a position at Stanford, on the other end of the United States, forcing her to leave high school, in his life and that of his friends. As a last resort, he decided to follow the road to visit his mother, whom he had not seen for many years. Can he find a solution to stay in Creekwood?


For their part, Victor’s parents are now separated. Initially, Isabel had a lot of trouble accepting her son’s sexual orientation, Armando joined a support group where he met another woman. Despite this new relationship with Victor’s father, the bond that held them together remains strong and the two lovers are back together in the final episode.


At the last rendition of the film Love, Simon followed in the series, Victor received a call from Simon (still played by Nick Robinson). The high school student took the opportunity to explain to him that, thanks to his arrival and his understanding companion, he no longer needed his advice to live this new chapter in his life and thank him all the time he given to him. .

You already have all the keys in your hand to fully enjoy the 3rd and final season of Love, Victor. They are still with Michael Cimino, Rachel Hilson, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, George Sear and Mason Gooding.

All episodes will be available from June 15 at Disney +.

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