Léa Sfeir makes tables with love around them

Nothing, at first glance, set Léa Sfeir to be this inveterate Instagrammer, followed by more than 32,000 subscribers. A modest number perhaps, compared to the millions counted among the champions of this network, but looking at the statistics, it’s a golden number in terms of impact and effectiveness. His secret? He showed himself what he was, simply: a cheerful demeanor, inwardly, always ready to be surprised, always grateful, both emotional and touching, spoke French at heart and mercilessly caressed the Strict English on Instagram while laughing in a cool casual. Mother of three young children, the twin who landed her life after multiple miscarriages and a high -risk pregnancy amid the Covid epidemic, this situation reversed all plans and shifted the all projects on a slab of love are inseparable art, involved at home, where he now makes a career: the art of the table and intimacy.

The designer even paired her dress with the hostess on her desk. DR’s photo

Law studies, an eye on fashion

“After completing my master’s degree in law obtained at Assas – Paris, I began a legal internship with a company specializing in counterfeiting the world of luxury. I could no longer help but be attracted to this luxury industry whose knowledge, knowledge, history, the art of telling stories, is the meaning.Even if it is fashion, spirits, tableware, leather objects, they are all linked and defined by the same codes, in the same love of details ”, trusts us the woman who at the time, despite a hard -earned diploma, was projecting herself as a press officer for one of the big brands that made her dream come true. He found himself in Milan, he went there, pursued a master’s degree in communication, got an internship with Elie Saab in Paris. “I worked hard to get my ticket to enter the world of luxury,” he recalls: “Impossible schedules? Don’t worry for me! End the morning at 5 a.m. during fashion week, to start again the next day at 7 p.m.? Don’t worry for me! Make deliveries? Don’t worry for me! Serving coffee to VIPs and the press? Don’t worry for me! »Léa Sfeir ignores all restraints for the pleasure of experiencing the turmoil of collections and parades of light of sequins and the trembling of expensive fabrics.

A table for Swarovski. DR’s photo

Magic of Lebanese souvenirs

We must believe that, sensitive to his enthusiasm for all things, the universe itself will listen to his desires. One day as he was running down a hallway, an Elie Saab shirt on his arm, to meet a journalist from Le Figaro, he was grabbed by one of Italy’s communication popes: “Milan, is that a bell ?? An internship with a job at stake. ”Léa Sfeir doesn’t have to be told twice. He will then take care of communication with many major brands. A “beautiful profession”, she said, that she would soon have to give up to follow her husband’s career, from Paris to Istanbul and now to Dubai. There, an anchored life is reorganized, between children and friends, where the art of hospitality is infused with the magic of Lebanese memories. Covid imposing an interior-centered lifestyle, the young mother reconnects with her first love and practices this art of receiving and decorating tables where her first attempt begins with eating. -edyer. “I remember always carrying cups, a plate, a trinket from my many trips. My mother, my aunt, my grandmothers had the art of acceptance and unparalleled generosity. I observe them, I ask questions, I reproduce, ”he said.

Léa Sfeir, amazed at the detail. DR’s photo

Taken to his own game, he began sharing photos of his desks on Instagram, a way to immortalize the scene before the meal that would, inevitably, bring everything back. He is already one of the pioneers of a genre that is not yet fashionable on social networks where narcissism holds back. The reactions were short -lived and his success surprised him. Therefore, he must meet the expectations. Her alert creativity, Léa Sfeir seeks, through Emirates, suppliers of, unusual items, beautiful ceramics. He knew the offer was limited and had to deploy a wealth of talent to achieve the results he was looking for. Two events hasten what has insidiously turned into a real career: the first was a dinner she gave at home in honor of her friend, Lorena Vergani Perrotin, and her husband, an art salesman who Emmanuel Perrotin, who passed through Dubai. Léa promises Lorena Indian food. He called florists in India, an Indian chef, and explored his market to find colors and shapes related to India. Guests competed with superlatives to express their admiration. However, they saw others. Lorena shared the photos. For Léa, it was recognition, the messages were raining, the road was tracked, solid.

A country table. DR’s photo

Swarovski, Montblanc, emotions of imperfection

The second event was the dinner promised by her friend Shourouk, a famous jewelry designer who recently opened a pop-up in Dubai. The theme sets itself apart: the two have been attracted to Marie-Antoinette since the film dedicated to her by Sofia Coppola. “I decided to solicit suppliers to see if they would agree to sponsor me. I called Ladurée and revealed my project, posting my link on Instagram. I was offered to make a selection of cakes. I called Bliss Florist in Dubai. To my surprise, all the brands agreed to sponsor me. Ladurée sent me my entire selection. I need to be more than myself! My table, my guests, their placement, my clothes, nothing has to be left to chance. And this table and its sound was the crowning glory of my home dinners ”, recalls Léa Sfeir who, two months later in September, received her first official order: Swarovski asked her to make four tables for fifty people on the occasion.of the new brand identity under the direction of Giovanna Englebert.She was even invited to present her profession to the guests and answer their questions.After sleepless nights. night of reflection and research, his project proved to be true.

Recently, Montblanc asked him to create two tables for the press and collector’s dinner in honor of 19th-century patrons Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. An instruction was given by the director of the German luxury brand: these tables should be “unique”. “I was walking the streets of London, with an antique dealer, looking for items from the Victorian era that could tell the story of this amazing collection on my desk. Solid silver, crystal, royal blue porcelain, I dug into unique things, standing the test of time and being resurrected on a new continent. Some are cut, some have lost color, but what could be more beautiful than a wrinkle telling a story? For the flowers, I imagine an English garden ”, said Léa Sfeir who added, thoughtfully:“ Through my desks, I seek to create emotion, more than dinner or lunch, an experience. A journey through craftsmanship that I want more than anything to highlight, a message that is in tune with the spirit and image of the brand or the person who receives it. »

Nothing, at first glance, set Léa Sfeir to be this inveterate Instagrammer, followed by more than 32,000 subscribers. A modest number perhaps, compared to the millions counted among the champions of this network, but looking at the statistics, it’s a golden number in terms of impact and effectiveness. His secret? He shows himself as himself, …

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