“I systematically make a mistress gift to my kids at the end of the year” …

Of course, there are parents who criticize teachers. But many also recognize their great work. Especially at the end of the school year, by a gift. Families would like to thank the Education staff for their professional investment, the way in which they helped the child thrive …

In some families, it has even become a ritual. “I systematically make gifts to the mistress or mistress of my children. I think it’s a testament to recognition because the teachers have very little of it, ”explained Béatrice, who responded to our call for witnesses. Sonia also has no doubts: “I have been given by the teacher to my 3 sons since kindergarten. This is my way of showing them my gratitude for their work, which is even more difficult ”. According to Lila, this gift is very symbolic: “It is a way of thanking them for caring for our children, supporting them every day as they progress, and above all to salute their courage. Because due to the current teaching conditions, it should not be easy every day to manage 30 children between 3 and 6 years old in kindergarten! Armelle also measures the difficulties of the profession: “Teachers are involved throughout the year in teaching our children, in classes that are often very crowded. »

“I will also offer a small gift to everyone at Atsem at school”

Rarely are parents really opposed to the principle of this kind of exit today, like Charline: “This practice is a form of social pressure and“ corruption. ”Some parents offer gifts worth a few dozen euros, a huge amount that other parents can’t afford to spend. It automatically creates differences. “Some are more favorable to the process, but under conditions, like Pamela:” I make a gift if the mistress listens, engaged. Here for Mélanie: “I only give gifts to my children’s teachers when I feel kindness on their part. In short, all year except one.”

Often, parents who want to hurt teachers don’t stop there and don’t forget the other adults who work with the kids. “I systematically offer a gift to fellow school staff (AESH – fellow students with disabilities – supervisors, cantiniers, etc.) to show them my gratitude”, Carole testified. “I don’t forget the director, nor the caretaker of the school, who also did an amazing job”, Sonia said for her part. “I will offer a small gift to everyone at the Atsem (Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools) at my child’s school, who has a small personalized keychain. They are important to the development of kindergarten children and they spend even more time each day than teaching children. We always forget them, while without them, teachers and children are always lost, ”Emilie emphasized.

Each on his own gift budget

And generosity is the key. “Our budget is about 20 to 30 euros,” explains Béatrice. “My son’s CP mistress is really bad. Suddenly, this year I increased the budget and offered him a 20 euro voucher at a bookstore, ”Adelaide said. Alexia, she even spent 50 euros at the institute and Atsem. And in recent years, online jackpots have increased, sometimes allowing parents to give only 5 or 10 euros. But because so many of them participated, the cost quickly went up.

It remains to be seen what kind of gift will be offered. And there, parents are flooded with ideas. “I offer personalized cups, chocolate miniatures and a little moisturizing hand cream to soothe damaged hands using hydroalcoholic gel”, Laetitia was quoted as saying. Sonia prefers “organic boxes of body products. »Sonia differentiates the pleasures:« small candles, gift vouchers for salon treatments, boxes of chocolates, stolen or even small DIY gifts! “.

“How wonderful to be grateful in word form or by something!»

Mélanie also likes to mark her mark: “Usually tote bags, kits, photo frames are decorated by my children. One year I gave a picture frame with smarties inside and a post-it saying “in case of inspection, break the glass!” The teacher laughed heartily. Laura also relies on her creativity: “I took the initiative to create a personalized photo book with a photo of each student, along with a note that parents / children would like to leave for the teacher and Atsem. It takes a little personal investment, but I think it leaves them with fond memories of last year. »

And whatever it is now, it will affect teachers and other staff. As Margaux testified: “There were key rings, chocolates, flower pots, seeds, endless roses, mint from the garden in a personal pot, plastic jewelry made of baby, school supplies, soap, a bag with pareo and exfoliation, “thank you sir” frames and drawings.I don’t consider it obligatory, but it’s nice to be thankful in word form or by something ! »

And even when a schoolteacher works in a poor neighborhood, she receives little touching attention, as one teacher testified: “These are poems beautifully written and worked on by children. who did not speak French a few months ago, things they made, sometimes even personal things they took from their room. Once, I even received an eggplant! »

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