Broken, a dog loses his 13 puppies to the vet, his angry owner blames the clinic

A young dog owner collapsed after 13 puppies of his dog died during a C-section. For the Mirror, he testified and expressed his misunderstanding.

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Alina O’Malley, 26, experienced all the emotions in one day. In April, her American Bully, Arizona, a purebred dog, was about to give birth to 13 puppies. In the scans, eight healthy puppies were first observed. However, Arizona has to give birth to 13 children.

The risk was immediately felt by Alina O’Malley who, in order to avoid any complications during childbirth and for fear of seeing her dog weakened by labor, contemplated a caesarean section. So the Arizona owner turned to Easipetcare, an inexpensive veterinary service.

The only reason I took him to the vet was because I knew he was a big rubbish, and he was too tired to deliver them naturally, and I had to take him for a midterm caesarean section. “Said the 26-year-old girl of glass.

But since that bad decision, Alina and Arizona have lost everything. For every day The mirror, the Briton was angry with the veterinarian taking care of his dog and his puppies. She also indicated that she was not warned about the danger of a caesarean section and that she was not referred to other options.

Mistakes made at the veterinary clinic according to the owner

Alina O’Malley has been fighting to get her truth heard in the media. He goes on to claim that a mistake was made by the veterinarians. Alina O’Malley said she left her dog in the hands of the veterinary clinic to perform a cesarean section. The Briton later received a call from the veterinarian telling him that his dog and his 13 puppies were fine. Happily, Alina O’Malley was quick to prepare what was needed for this large family.

But two hours later, Alina O’Malley received another call from the clinic telling her that 13 puppies had died. While the veterinarian gave her the first explanation, she later changed her version of the young woman’s arrival, citing a number of factors.

According to Alina O’Malley, many factors could have led to the deaths of her puppies and the clinic was wrong. He pointed especially to the fact that they were only two people to take care of 13 puppies, not enough according to him.

I could have understood the loss of a few puppies, but a whole lot of rubbish made me say that something had gone wrong, especially after the first phone call saying that everyone puppies and my dog ​​are in good health. added Alina O’Malley.

“My female dog will never be the same again”

Alina O’Malley and her dog Arizona. Credit: Alina O’Malley/ BPM Media

Today, the young woman criticizes the veterinarian for not informing her about the dangers of a cesarean section and her inability to answer many questions before and after surgery. Not to mention a lot of veterinary advice that has become dangerous to the female dog after consulting other professionals.

All the questions and concerns I had were not answered after the operation and during the post-operative check-up. I had to pay to go to another veterinarian the same day to have him checked again and ask all these questions to someone who could give me answers. “.

While he was planning to sell some purebred puppies in hopes of raising nearly 58,000 euros, this hospital director declared that he had lost everything:

But it’s not really about money, it’s about 13 innocent lives, and my beautiful dog can’t change. He’s been so different since he came back, he’s no longer wagging his tail, he’s just walking, crying and digging permi.cried Alina O’Malley. My dog ​​can’t change anymore. I will never change “.

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