“One day is not enough to double the government”

The return to social life began with the call for a strike in the leading educational trade union organizations (Snes-FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and Sud Education).

Macron’s speech in Marseille on the “pilot project” of 50 schools in Marseille heralds the color of the next five -year offensive against education. As criticized by the teaching groups of 40 selected schools for refusing to submit it, it is above all a question of breaking up the civil service status quo by using teacher selection and reducing methods that spent on education through contractualization. Since then, the Rilhac law has been introduced – to establish hierarchical directors in schools – and the generalization of evaluations in elementary and secondary schools, evaluations aimed at restricting teaching practices and contractualization of the methods provided. in establishments…

In fact, teachers don’t stop. The government is in the process of building the same neo-managerial principles that are burning the hospital world. But education staff are already burdened with the consequences of eliminating 1,800 teaching duties in secondary schools this new school year: class numbers are rising, and the turmoil brought on by school reform. tiring teams. In some establishments in Seine-Saint-Denis (Batholdi and Eluard high school in Saint-Denis), we fought against going back to school “apocalyptic” : War teams have already begun to secure positions for nurses and social workers, canteen agents who can no longer accommodate students due to staff shortages, and so on.

If it’s not too late for the big street rally for a first back-to-school strike, it’s good that this date of 23 is put on the scene by union leaders as a custom clearing. While in 4 years all education workers have called for a “Blanquer resignation”, and have been criticized through numerous strikes and actions from the bottom to the detriment of public education and the lack of means, the trade union organization does not know how to be a bastion. against multiple attacks. The scattering movement of the sun serves as a reflection of the fragmentation and little influence of today’s union leaders on the movement of education workers. This is the meaning of what Elise, a professor of Stains and an activist of Révolution Permanente, can do: “An isolated day is not enough for the government to turn around. It must be to impose a real victory. plan of war “.

In Paris, the demonstration gathered tens of thousands of people, leading the way behind large union flags. In addition to a few groups of establishments and groups – the “bahuts d’Aubervillers”, a procession of elementary schools in Saint -Denis – and some first degree groups who were very angry against latest law in Rilhac.

Amid fatigue and anger, the world of education is still struggling to mobilize more widely. However, two years from Christine Renon’s death, under the influence of further orders, there are risks of seeing Education staff come into situations of burnout, depression, or even the worst, n not really far. The individual hardship must respond to a large collective outcry against a ministry that abuses its staff but also its most vulnerable users (AESH is low paid, there is no way for the inclusion of the disabled and allophone students). Especially when the minister challenges by claiming that he is “Minister of Teacher Welfare”. Last challenge …

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