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Each week, watch the poetry news. This Monday, the reissue of an illustrated collection by Jean-Baptiste Cabaud and Magali Mélin, a brief summary of the post-love resurrection.

“It’s a beetle. We don’t have another word.” Published as an artist’s book in 2013, at the invitation of the Oujopo gallery in Lyon, the book to get out benefited this spring from a new edition, updated and enriched with a new chapter looking back at its origins. Jean-Baptiste Cabaud with text and Magali Mélin with painting put an activity there, that of leaving at night, to remove the mud of sorrow to reach the day. An act of death to life. with the book to get out is the literal translation of what is known as the book of the dead of the ancient Egyptians: an accurate manual of the resurrection.

Cabaud described the three moments that lead from confusion to “ataraxia”. Or rather, he painted them. Because his text, first made up of a gray block, with no paragraphs or punctuation, playing with gaping, gradually became clearer, getting new lines, commas, pauses, blank on page. as the book of the dead Egyptian, it details rituals for calming the soul – here after a painful love affair. “We opened the chalet, made it run and calm, one thing at a time.»

To get back on the road back to life, “One needs silence and solitude”. As such, Magali Mélin’s paintings, in which one feels the influence of a Hans Hartung, accompany the movement in which white endures dark scratches. “We know that language is a bad tool. No one describes anything. Anything can mean anything.”

The taken

life is so hard without the manual we don’t understand we don’t understand too many buttons too many controls too many mistakes too inexplicable too much shame too much pain so we look for the rules that life keeps us secret in the depths and we were riding on a legendary motorcycle an old black bmw because that had steering wheels with steering wheels we could reach if everyone fled when everyone fell into abstract vertigo when the sky collapsed that was all fast and we found ourselves driven helplessly to be frightened at the top of a peak overlooking the depths with heat coming out of the cylinders this motorcycle was on top of the foot and that we felt marked on the shoe and climbed the foot and it had a bulging reservoir on. to put a hand like a stomach tenderness like a contact like a move to relax another it’s concrete it’s finally concrete it’s a concrete move we don’t expect anything else to time fifteen years ago a concrete motorcycle legend we called Demoiselle because it mixed all the mechanics and feelings because we only lived in the abstract at the time was that a motorcycle or a woman what is the difference and because we believe we are sure it will be in the Middle Ages virtuous love virtue love without violence we are sure of it the purity of beauty or the beauty of purity in the end what is transcendence we are sure of it we are not doubt it for a second if we are not dead otherwise the world will lose its ultimate meaning otherwise there is no equivalent of any but the and the accumulated efforts of a whole people would not have led to the end that in vain we believed in it so we gave all we could to continue to believe in it. at all costs so as not to be left behind and we ride our motorcycles all over the world then we close our mouths so as not to face each other in reality so as not to be ele. uncontrollable ment of reality comes to collapse all that ultra-fine balance that we had somehow managed to put in place at the time we were ourselves and then when we met a woman like you we shut down because for we do not know because we do not understand we are sure that the love of love is in it in depth and not ideas we know we have little consciousness even though everything is pretty clear even though we are not understand all we know that the world and the incomprehensible motion is in our head and that our head of course we do not rely on it so that the world yes we can be wrong but there is nothing there is not in that love

Jean-Baptiste Cabaud and Magali Melin, the book to get out, ed. The Last Telegram, 72 pages, 13 euros.

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