No, this photo does not show the couple having sex at church

published on Monday, June 13, 2022 at 5:30 p.m.

A photo showing a couple “loving the church in front of everyone” to resolve their infertility has circulated on social networks in several French -speaking African countries. Attention: according to the parish in Brazil where the events took place, it was a ritual, a “prophetic act” inspired by the Bible, performed here by a nun to heal a sick woman. They loved the church in front of everyone, because during the years of marriage they had no children.“, as many Internet users say by sharing a photo of two people lying with each other, is wrapped in red.

Around them, many worshipers raised their hands to heaven, and someone – perhaps the “pastor“mentioned in the publications – leaning on the head of the woman lying on top.

Screenshot of a Facebook post made on June 13, 2022 This rumor has been shared more than 6,000 times since May 27 in West and Central Africa (1, 2, 3 …).

A “prophetic work”Attention, it’s a lie: this picture does not show the desperate attempt of a barren couple, but from a ritual – a “prophetic act”, depending on the church in which the truths take place – intended to help a sick woman during a sermon.

A repeated image search on the Google search engine revealed that this rumor was picked up by many Spanish -speaking sites (1, 2); others, such as the Mexican daily El Manana de Nuevo Laredoeven quote the church where the truths would have happened.

At the end of this article, however, mention is made in a Facebook post posted on May 25 in this parish, Alianc Restored, located in Belém in northern Brazil. Church members disputed the version provided in the publications we reviewed.

In a video accompanying this denial, a woman presents herself as a “bishop“named Thais explained that during a mass,”Pastor Domingas, of Bagre, was ill for several days“, found himself unwell.”God guided Pastor Icaro to do a prophetic work“, he continues in this video.

Such is the question of the pastor to a deaconess – in Protestantism, a nun “lives in the community and dedicates himself to compassionate activities“-sa”lie to it, to make it a prophetic work“. We identify the pastor (1), the deaconess (2) and the sick woman (3) in the screenshot on the bottom right taken from the video broadcast live on the church page, May 18 (from 1 ‘ 18’45).

We also saw the same red sheets as well as the same platform and the same background tiles.

Screenshot of a publication made on June 13, 2022 Screenshot of a live Facebook video made on June 13, 2022

Two days before the publication of this explanation, on May 23, theAlianc Restored Facebook has always denied rumors circulating on social networks, explaining that it “not a couple“but in one”sick woman“, and”the prophetic work“got this viral photo”inspired by Two Kings“.

The church here refers to the Second Book of Kings, an Old Testament book in which the prophet Elisha raised the son of a woman resident in Shunem – called “Sunammita” – expanding him. Here is the text where”the prophetic work“from the Brazilian pastor means:

“Elisha went in and shut the door behind them both, and he prayed to Jehovah. And he went up, and lay upon the child; he put his mouth to his mouth, his eyes to his eyes, his hands to his hands, and he lay with him. And the flesh of the child became warm. house, and then went up and lay with the child. And the child sneezed seven times, and he opened his eyes. “

A story was confirmed by the woman concerned – Pastor Domingas – as well as her daughter, at the end of the video posted by the parish on May 25 on Facebook, according to a translation obtained by the AFP. They can also be seen at the end of the same video, with Deaconess Sandra – the blonde woman stretching over her in the viral photo.

Screenshot from Facebook video, taken on June 13, 2022 This fake news was also confirmed in early June by Congolese verification media CongoCheck.

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