Krista Kim: The future of the metaverse will be photo-realistic

In an interview with CoinDesk, contemporary artist Krista Kim shared her vision for the future of the metaverse and the impact on artists in this new digital world.

The article begins with a question about the mistakes of some investors and companies in the metaverse.

If you think voxed graphics will last longer than a year or two for Gen Alpha, you are wrong. Here actress Krista Kim refers to metaverses like The Sandbox or Decentraland, which are now the most important metaverse in terms of money and interest, and argues that the future will be of the highest quality. Unlike the very low quality visuals in these metaverses, playing is a video game -inspired à la Minecraft.

With the introduction of more advanced hardware, such as goggles available [réalité augmentée]the metaverse can be so powerful that the digital layer is almost indistinguishable from real life, with no frictionless interaction between the two worlds. In fact, we always tell Cointribune about the importance of developing the right tool for these new challenges, total immersion in the metaverse can only be achieved with tools that allow for an immersive and easy Management.

These tools are also made and developed for another sector, the military. In fact, many military exercises are best done using headsets and other virtual reality devices.

Most professionals who work in companies are trained to follow the status quo or follow the workflows they have worked for in the past, to keep it safe. The metaverse is not about playing it safe. The metaverse is about inspiring people and that can only be done through art. This is why Web 3 is a new phenomenon and a new business structure. »

The way of pay between an artist and his community is so much thanks to Web 3.0, it’s one of the major changes in the Web 2.0 model and the traditional economy.

The blockchain offers solutions for artists who want to free themselves from the demands of multiple groups, the metaverse is the place where artists, investors and enthusiasts can come together and share an immersive and artistic experience to be together. However, even in the physical world NFTs continue to appeal to us and this technology has become the bridge between physical and digital art.

metaverse _Meta_Aggression_Virtual

Web 3.0 remains a dangerous world, though.

For many artists, the hyper-volatility of cryptocurrencies is a problematic element for the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, although the famous Beeple immediately sold all ethers (ETH) at the time of payment. record for selling it at Christie’s.

Web 3.0 is about empowering sovereign individuals, through the blockchain, to create their own destiny, through their own creations and [propriété intellectuelle]while collaborating with others and making progress. »

Krista Kim gives us her complete vision of the metaverse, the rise of the blockchain and her long-standing conviction in this new digital world, for artists and individuals seeking freedom. There were many obstacles before a mass adoption of the metaverse, but every day there are new projects and the Web 3.0 community is growing around the world.

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