Full Moon June 14, 2022: Who are the lucky signs?

Last straight line before the start of this season we all love: the two months of summer. Between those who can take a vacation and those who take advantage of the opportunity to relax or see their loved ones, it is a period of good humor and good news. To start this season off to a good start, some astrological signs are more lucky in June 2022.

Strawberry Full Moon June 14, 2022

the Strawberry Full Moon always happens in June. Many find this nickname appealing and wonder if it has anything to do with color of the moon. Is it red? Unfortunately this Whole Month is like everyone else. Its name in relation to the fruit comes from the season: at least June we actually harvest strawberries.

In astrology, the Moon and the Sun face each other in the sky, so the Moon is very large and bright in the sky. It is believed to be a time when the Moon’s radiation is much stronger. It had a great influence on the signs of astrology. This is a good time to make decisions and decisions. The Full Moon can be the beginning of a new cycle or a new adventure.

What is the sign of the Full Moon on June 14, 2022?

To determine the type of influence of a Full Moon it is necessary to know where this astrological sign is. On June 14, 2022 the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius. When it is at this sign, it enables us to travel: either far away … or within ourselves. We felt the need to broaden our perspective and discover new things. It is a sign of movement and enthusiasm that invites us to step out of our comfortable place.

This is a great time to turn to others and escape your daily grind. If this Full Moon is not well experienced, it can cause instability.

Know the astrological signs where they are Full Moon in Sagittarius have influence:

Lucky zodiac signs with Full Moon in Sagittarius

Some signs have benefited from the positive influences of this Full Moon:

  • A social life for Aquarius

Love is Aquarius ’priority right now. Her little joy? Meet new people, spend time with those around you, have fun with the people you love … In short, it’s time to take care of your loved ones and feel open.

  • Libra took care of himself

This is a good time for the Libra sign to give himself a few moments of himself. He has every interest in thinking what is good for him and making choices in his own way, without worrying about the eyes of others. A wind of freedom blew at this astro sign!

  • Nice friendship for Leo

This astrological sign is protected in this Full Moon. It’s time for Leo’s sign to promote friendship and dates. This sign of astro shines and can take matters into their own hands by organizing, for example, holidays with friends.

The unlucky zodiac signs of the Full Moon of Sagittarius

Some signs may make it difficult to manage their emotions well this Full Moon:

  • The Gemini sign may disappear

He who likes to think, plan and have projects in mind is likely to lose hope. This season is the most complete blur. He struggles to figure out which path he is going to take and which direction is most satisfying for him. Tip: this is not the best time to organize your vacation!

  • Lack of communication for Pisces

This astrological sign is often used to develop its bubble and this time, it can play with it. Be careful not to miss a moment due to lack of communication. The area of ​​the love life can also suffer from relationship problems in the sign of Pisces.

  • A waste of energy for Sagittarius

He who is accustomed to us to be excited in the slightest moment may suffer from a lack of enthusiasm. Little moral decline, lack of dynamism … this is a good time to save money and relax. We promise, his legendary optimism will soon return!

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