Dog strollers in 2022

Can’t you ever imagine walking your pooch in a stroller? This mode of transportation with three or four wheels can, however, be used by you on many occasions! If your pooch can’t follow you for long walks, he’ll be happy to live in a stroller.

If you have a sick, elderly or convalescent pooch, a stroller is the ideal solution to allow him to enjoy the outdoors without getting tired. Dog strollers are lightweight and easy -to -manage vehicles. They usually have a padded mattress and some have support so the animal can rest its head and legs. Choose your stroller based on the size of your dog and the comfort of the cabin. Will you soon welcome a young puppy? So she can enjoy the good times outside when she arrives, opt now for an all-terrain dog stroller. When he feels tired, he can thus enjoy the view from his anti-insect window. Find out the selection of dog strollers we make for you. Among all the ground models and compact strollers for the town, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


  1. The most compact
  2. Easiest to fold
  3. Good amount of money
  4. The most waterproof

The VidaXL dog stroller, with two swivel wheels at the front

This dog stroller has four wheels all over the ground. In addition, the two front wheels rotate, speeding up maneuverability. The dog seat is very comfortable, with high enough edges to prevent the animal from falling. There’s also a zipped hood, which you can fold at your convenience to protect the dog from rain and wind. It is made of a water -resistant material, which can resist tears and UV rays. This all-terrain dog stroller also includes a storage basket, located between the wheels.

Trixie dog stroller, with anti-rust coating

Easy to fold with one hand, this dog stroller is even lighter, weighing only 4.6 kg. It offers an interior space of 33x 53 x 55 cm. So you can use it to walk puppies or cats. Made of polyester and metal, this dog transport stroller is extremely durable and can withstand shocks. In addition, it has an anti-rust coating. Since there is only one front wheel, the stroller is very maneuverable. Finally, it has a powerful braking system.

Flexzion dog stroller, with large storage basket

Available in many colors, this dog stroller offers plenty of space. It has a protective sun visor and has a front and rear entrance. The walls include eye openings, which allow air to pass while preventing insects from entering the interior. In addition, it has a large storage basket, placed under the seat, that can accommodate not only the doggie accessories, but also your belongings. Finally, just press the red button in the middle of the handle to fold the stroller.

Rosewood dog stroller, with support bar

This stroller with a panoramic window has a raised support bar, where the dog can place his feet to see what is happening outside. Easy to fold with one hand, this little stroller is lightweight, usable and compact. It has safety brakes at the rear and has a large storage basket, located between the wheels. In addition, its walls are made of a waterproof and water-resistant material. Finally, the stroller has a removable cushion, quilted and reversible.

How to choose a dog stroller?

Choose a stroller based on the size of your pet. Most models are suitable for small and medium breed dogs, but there are also strollers for large dogs. Make sure the seat in this comfortable carrier is wide enough so that your pet can sit comfortably.

If you plan on hiking, choose an all-terrain dog stroller. If not, get a model with wheels adapted to the town’s asphalt.

Choose a very comfortable stroller, with padded sides so your dog can put his nose in it. Also, make sure it is easy to clean. If it’s removed, that’s a huge plus!

Stroller safety is also one of the main selection criteria. It should be very strong in all conditions. In addition, it should include a fastening system for the doggie as well as a high-performance brake.

Finally, keeping the sides of the stroller really helps you! You can put poop bags, small meals and your various papers in them.

What is the maximum weight that a dog stroller can support?

In general, dog strollers are made to support a maximum weight of 30 kg. It is a mode of transportation intended for dogs of small and medium breeds, such as the chihuahua, cocker spaniel or bulldog.

There are also special strollers for large dogs, which can support a weight of 35 kg and more. However, think carefully before buying, as this type of stroller is difficult to manage. You have to push the weight of a big German shepherd or a big collie. It also depends on your build! In addition, these large dog strollers should be equipped with a good braking system. Otherwise, it’s the accident guaranteed descent!

If you have a large breed of dog, consider buying a trailer to put on your bike.

From what age is a dog stroller available?

You can use the stroller when your puppy comes to your house, at the age of two months. There is no minimum or maximum age to use this mode of transportation!

The stroller can actually help comfort the dog while walking. So it has a lot of uses. You can use it for hiking with your puppy, so that he doesn’t get tired. In fact, young dogs should not exercise too much, for fear of suffering from growth disorders.

You can also use the stroller to carry a convalescent dog with you, who is recovering from an operation for example.

Finally, this method of push transportation can be very useful when your dog is older. Perhaps due to obesity or osteoarthritis, he will have difficulty moving and can no longer walk far. Well installed in a stroller, he will continue to enjoy beautiful walks with you, never tired.

What are the types of dog strollers?

Dog strollers come in many models, sizes and structures. Of course, we need to start by differentiating between strollers for small dogs, for medium dogs and for large dogs. It is the size of the cars that marks their main difference. The smaller the strollers, the lighter and easier they are to handle.

There are also adjustable dog strollers, which can be adjusted to the size of the animal.

Wheels can also decide between two main classes of strollers: all-terrain vehicles and town strollers.

Finally, there are orthopedic strollers, which help disabled dogs regain good walking posture. To buy this type of stroller, you need to go to a store that specializes in dog equipment for medical use.

Can you walk into stores with a dog stroller?

Depending on the store. The fact that the dog is in a stroller doesn’t change anything. If the store allows the owner to come back with their dog, you can go to the pet stroller. On the other hand, if doggies are not allowed to enter the store, you will need to leave the stroller and its passenger outside.

There is no article in the law that talks about dog strollers in stores. It’s on a case-by-case basis and it’s up to you the traders. Of course, dogs are not allowed to enter food stores, due to sanitary reasons.

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