Diablo Immortal: the final plague?

In the Daily program for this start of the week, we give you a summary of last night’s Xbox-Bethesda conference. Then we’ll talk about Diablo Immortal becoming the lowest rated game of all time, and we’ll end with Spider-Man No Way Home hitting theaters.

Great Xbox Showcase debrief

Let’s put together an incomplete summary of what shouldn’t be forgotten at this Xbox-Bethesda (Activison-Blizzard) conference. First, we have Redfall, the new project from Arkane Austin that we owe to Prey. This is a cooperative FPS on an open world map where we control characters with different powers that must survive against the invasion of vampires in the small town of Redfall. The title is set for 2023. Forza Motorsport is currently presenting its more photorealistic graphics before announcing its release date set for spring 2023. Minecraft also has its Minecraft Legends fame, taking over form a strategy game with action game elements, due next year. Afterwards, we learned that Overwatch 2 will be in early access from October 4, and will take the form of free play. How to miss Diablo IV, which introduced us to the game’s fifth and final class, the Necromancer, followed by Barbarian, Witch, Druid and Rogue, all embellished in the game. Then it was Hollow Knight Silksong who finally showed up with a trailer that showed us the game in more depth. Starfield also did the same in the 15-minute game, proving Skyrim into space.

And the worst game in history is …

Officially released on June 2 in mobile, tablet and PC in beta, Diablo Immortal is a free -to -play game that covers the basics that make the saga a success, which is to defeat hordes of demons to get equipment. , and become more powerful. . In this Gothic universe, the player chooses a class among the six suggested, which are Barbarian, Necromancer, Witch, Demon Hunter, Monk or Crusader. Initially, the title was well received by critics for its efficient gameplay and generous content, even to the point of placing itself at the top of the App Store in more than 40 regions. However, now that enthusiasm is starting to wane, the game is now the subject of a real bombshell review from Metacritic players. With a user score of 0.2 out of 10 based on over two thousand reviews, Diablo Immortal is now the lowest rated title on the entire site. Basically Free-to-play, the game has become a real pay-to-win, where many players have noticed a huge difference in progress between those who pay and those who want to play for free. way if it’s all. about getting the most out of it. But despite the payment, you’re not sure to get these famous five -star legendary gems that allow you to upgrade your equipment. Unfortunately, this is what happened to streamer Quin69, who spent more than 10,300 New Zealand dollars, or 6,200 euros, on the game, without getting at least a five -star gem …

Spider-Man No Way Home is back with new scenes!

Spider-Man No Way Home was a box office hit at the end of last year. With nearly two billion dollars in worldwide revenue, The Last Adventures of Spider-Man entered the top 6 most-watched films of all time. Even here in France, the feature film achieved great success, with over 7 million admissions, until it became the superhero film with the most admissions in our country. While this is already a huge global success, Sony doesn’t seem to want to stop there and is looking to make the end of its film a success. In a message posted on the official Spider-Man movies Twitter account on Saturday, we learned that No Way Home will be coming out in theaters in a new version. From what we know, the film will offer new sequences, but also extended scenes, to a total of fifteen minutes more film, increasing the length of the feature film from 2: 28 to 2:43. This version is called “More Fun Stuff Version”, or “more fun stuff. This new edit should first bring more jokes between the three Spider-Man instead of annoying in the structure of the original film.This new release is planned for Sept. 2 in the United States, and dates for other countries should be announced soon.

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