Deafi opens up the customer relationship with the hearing impaired

Since 2009, Deafi, a player in social and economic integration, has supported companies in their approach to making their customer relationship services accessible. A hundred artists are already involved.

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Deafi was born from a double observation: the deaf have no access to remote customer relationships independently and access to work is difficult for this population. “In this context, we are launching a company to hire the hearing impaired, train them in customer relationships and meet the need of large companies to access their customer service”, explains William Debureaux, director of operations at Deafi. Through video, customer consultants will respond in French sign language. ” It’s the same job as a customer consultant. The goal is to connect brands and customers so they can exchange without barriers.. Propose an end-to-end customer relationship management offer, with deaf and hard of hearing teleconsultants trained in the teleconsultant profession and graduates. ”The technique is simple. It requires a tailored solutions (Webcam in French sign language, completed webcam in French language, accessible chat, automated simultaneous written transcription) and written solutions, especially through messaging and WhatsApp.Concrete, the customer connects to the help & contact page on the home page of the partner site. He fills out a form, selects his contact channel and launches a call and speaks to a customer advisor via video. ” Our Deafiline solution is so simple: it allows you to call from anywhere and from any terminal. We need to remove all restrictions, ”the spokesperson explained.

A new site in Lyon in 2022

Deafi is working with more 100 brands in all sectors (telecom, energy, banking-insurance, retail, etc.) and employs 70 people, including 45 customer video consultants. “Our raison d’être is allow return and maintenance of work for people away from it and offer them qualified and recognized work. In 2022, we want to develop D-SCRIPT, an offer that addresses the topic of customer relations in the broadest sense (adapted to other shortcomings) across all companies for all different audiences. “, determined William Debureaux. Deafi’s turnover will reach 3 million euros by 2020. The company now has establishments in Montreuil and Lille and brings together 70 employees and numerous customer references such as Engie, Groupama, SFR, Samsung and the Afflelou group. We will open new sites in 2022, especially in Lyon, and export our knowledge to other countries.

Recognized skill

Concretely, Deafi’s specificity is to favor direct contact with consultants rather than the use of translation services and sign language contact. “For the end customer, he’s directly in front of a consultant when he calls and it avoids having to go through a third party. For companies, we support them in their engagement process. We put our put in place. itself as a key player in the customer relationship 85% customer satisfaction rate, 80% service quality and more than 90% of calls are answered in less than 3 minutes », Details William Debureaux. The nature of the calls is concerned with additional pre-sales for reinsurance inquiries prior to the purchase act. “Deafi, which has 80% of the disabilities in its production groups, is also one in its sector to be Great Place To Work and AFAQ ISO 18295-1 certified by AFNOR Certification. testifies to our commitment to employee well -being and our business knowledge of customer relationships, ”said the director of operations. Now, when the company has no problem with HR sourcing, its efforts are more focused to train and discover and understand the profession, unfamiliar to this audience ”.

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